Without political and business vision for Hip Hop, the people will perish no matter the seditious Trump administration or complicit Republicans attacking our republic; Hip Hop will grow and become more assertive in the American self-interest market control. If we must be earnest and consider the facts and figures further, in 2019, the genre was well represented among the biggest tracks in the United States. And Hip Hop/rap artists claimed no less than 6 of the top biggest streaming tracks of the same season—plus a whopping 52% of the Top 100. That top 100 in 2019 was led by Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” as it racked up 1.78 billion streams across both audio and video platforms in the U.S.

$50 billion in market expansions, profit, and control, are to take place in the next 10 years in the Hip Hop business. To collectively participate in such great self-generated wealth as copyright and master content ownership participants, we must have our own space.

The Hip Hop American reality of living in a failed political state at this time does not stop progress or lessen the need and urgency of our collective vision as owners and capitalists in this great republic. I believe Frederick Douglass said, “Without struggle, there is no progress.” But I like Scarface’s view on things “If I can’t eat then you can’t either.” In Hip Hop, I have also learned if one feels I am asking too much for them to respect my humanity, they are politically and mentally sick and do not require respect in any form. More so, I have learned that Hip Hop power is a demonstration of the group will. Hip Hop will create its own seat of commercial and domestic power in the next 10 years. Making Space, a real Rap City.

(Note: if you are young in Hip Hop and are about this life, feel free to insert your name in any position instead of the currently named in the vision. You are the future!)

A real Rap City would, in actuality, start as a corporate campus before becoming an incorporated village, then a town, then a city. I am here like everyone else today for several stockholder meetings.

Look, I acknowledge the underlying truth that the competition propels the Hip Hop/rap artists to invest and make some much more fund as (ROI) returns over investment. This makes the efficient one among them to stay right above the others, at least for the main time until he or she gets it wrong somehow, and another artiste takes over the economic lead. Nevertheless, the first stop coming from the local airport is the bank to deposit some money before the meeting. Killer Mike has done a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the 3rd physical Bank Location Greenwood Online Bank earlier, so he will run his mouth at least for 3 hours. The very rap-artiste-turned-politician has a financial empire worth nothing less than $700 million spread around as slew of firms and that is apart from his stakes above $50 million apiece in 3 of his Yeezy firms. Square (SQ) has the Cash App, rapper’s favorite smartphone-based payment and fund transfer service worth nothing less than $40 billion, and it appears not falling anytime soon due to its sophistication, to say the least. Diddy has the Revolt TV corporate campus expanding its IT division since Jay Z’s Tidal made a joint venture company called RT & T (Revolt TV & Tidal) to compete with Spotify’s TV division and MTV. The Two men Bringing in their alliances with Verizon and YouTube certainly helps the city Hip Hop worker/owners compete with Spotify.

Hip Hop, as we know it, is made out of capitalist ideologies and not political partisanship. Is it not hilarious now, one exceedingly rich rapper turned politician (pro-Republican) –West and another rapper (Ice Cube) became some political (capitalist) lobbyist too all of a sudden within the same Trump’s tenure? Cube’s meeting with Jared Kushner a few months before the upcoming election started it all. Although, to some, Cube seems to be clearer on his motive –to help up the black community and all that, but hey, what is with his army of 100 black lawyers even on his campus ground? Basically, from the looks of it Ice Cube belongs to neither Republican nor Democratic Party. He is always only interested in lobbying for the interests of the blacks communities in the crannies of this society. But here, his relevance is being given emphasis in the business of living in a republic.

Meanwhile, competitively, Cube’s movie studio and sports broadcasting complex, set up with Will Smith and Snoop Dogg takes some time to drive past. A percentage of the complex houses Will and Jaden Smith’s private/city partnership water works company (including bottled water) and Jay Z’s monogram has many acres of farmland alongside the water company complex as well. The only people competing in this town with them are the several sound stages Queen Latifah setup with 50 Cent on his movie and television studio grounds. 50 and La are always buying more land because his deal with Starz expanded too quickly. Both are responsible for writing, producing 100 movies or TV episodes a year combined, and running a subscriber-customer-collections service with it; it just made him flashier. 50 thinks his place in Universal Studios is because the CEO of STARZ’s keeps egging him on to take Universal’s market share; this guy set up a theme park on the studio grounds where fans can be a ghost on the old series sets; smh…

Commercial radio and podcasting production is significant in this city too. No one likes to be outshined here. So is the game; it dictates the moves of the players. Currently, podcasting services stats have increased in demand so far from prediction before 2020 –people are considering the services better than the reality in the way back. And basically, one of the critical reasons for this incredible growth is the potential income a popular podcast can earn by selling advertising. And there are situations among the podcasters too –the heated competition and the tussle for relevance and sustainability in the business is all over the place, you know, right? Charlemagne the God thinks he is a rapper. Just because I Heart Radio agreed to expand his deal, he has a radio and podcasting campus the size of a small movie studio. Sharing a parkway that drives along in miles of Joe Budden’s campus does not help. Billionaires should act better toward each other, but they must still have competing issues that b**** a** Starr that works with both of them as a billionaire too, should help. Still, all he talks about are the fresh fruit sales in his 10 supermarkets around the city. Starr still is a selfish bastard even with Master P loading his stores up with several food brand exclusives at a discount because the food plants are only 10 miles from his supermarket distribution centers.

Maybe Baby and Slim will stop providing truck fleets and discounts at the service locations; they too will have to slow the smirks. Still, they are a**holes too, talking about no tour, clothing, food or beverage moves without us. Dr. Dre’s Beats electronics do not leave their plant if Sway cannot move his 24-hour news trucks. The only trucks we compete with are concrete pouring and construction equipment trunks from Uncle Luke Construction company fleet. Why rock the boat? And to think this all came about because Kanye wanted to show responsibility for his political mistakes, trying to get back into the good graces of Hip Hop; he donated the land to start the city. F*** his statues in town, f*** his national park too that he bought to enhance the city. He just likes the forest to hold his bulls*** getaways to record; smh…

And me…IKE JACKSON, I will not only own and be running the correctional facilities included purview over political prisoners, but also the police department, military reservist units, posts, the several Scarface medical hospitals, and medical services companies. I’ll see you at the meeting!

This article originally published on GREY Journal.

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