In the era of casual dating, we could all use a little help getting laid. Dating apps are the number one tool that we all use to help us get some action, and luckily for us, there are plenty of them out there.

Long-term relationships can be great, but that’s different from what everyone is looking for. Most people looking to date casually are busy young professionals or students who are too busy to bother with the hassle of modern dating. So, why do we sign up for dating apps instead of hookup apps?

A quick scroll through the “dating” section of the app store yielded this result: SIDEPIECE. I had never heard of it before, but as I dug deeper, I found SIDEPIECE to be a very persuasive app.

This app stood out because it’s not masquerading as a dating app like so many apps like Tinder or Bumble. It is what it says it is: SIDEPIECE – Hookup Dating. Honestly, this was refreshing. An app that wasn’t pretending to be something entirely wholesome? Finally. That’s the kind of app we all want to find on the App Store (or Google Play Store, if you’re that way inclined).

It is a great way to find a hookup. But how does the app hold up against its competition? Read on for our full SIDEPIECE app review.

My first impression was that the icon was sexy and seductive; it seemed like a fairy holding a phone in their hand. The site’s aesthetics were quite feminine, something other app reviews have put down as a disadvantage, but truthfully I enjoyed the vibrant and dark approach. It makes it more appealing to the eyes.

However, this app is dissimilar when it comes to layout. It has a swiping page which I love. It’s a grid-style app where users can go through and message any person they’re interested in without worrying about matchmaking. From there, other users can accept their message request by sending one back.

I was immediately prompted to create an account whenever I clicked around. While I could see all the available users, I could only chat or view their profiles once I made an account. (You can’t sign up with your Facebook account, unlike some other sites). This isn’t surprising, as it’s a standard app approach. But once I’d made my profile, the app opened up in terms of functionality.

The app is so easy to use. All you have to do is scroll down the grid – which seems to go on forever – until you find someone you’re interested in. The profile has options for filling in your height, body type, and other detailed information. The sexiest part was the fantasy; it has a section where you can write your fantasy. Looks-wise, there’s so much that stands out about it: the colors, the design, and the three different options on how you want to find users.


The SIDEPIECE app is straightforward to use. It has one of the craziest features I’ve ever seen on an app, and it’s that you can disguise your app into anything you’d like and the notifications. Their target audience – those looking for casual hookups or short-term connections – seems to be what sets them aside from dating apps, as it puts them firmly in the hookup app category.

The layout and imagery on the SIDEPIECE app make its intentions obvious. It’s sleek, streamlined, and sexy, and it takes every opportunity to mention that it’s a hookup app, not a dating site.

Account creation requires photo verification, but it only takes a few minutes. It might sound like a hassle, but it’s an excellent way to The SIDEPIECE app also boasts a feature where you can disguise the app into anything you’d like, including its notifications. While this may be a fun feature for some users, it could also lead to some awkward situations if someone accidentally opens the app in public, revealing its true nature.

On the positive side, the app has a strong emphasis on photo verification, which helps to keep out fake profiles and scammers. In addition, the search filters are extensive, allowing users to filter matches based on various criteria such as age, location, interests, body type, and even preferred sexual positions. This makes the app more fun and exciting to use for those seeking specific types of partners.

One downside to the app is the “filter by ethnicity” feature. While some may appreciate the ability to narrow down potential matches based on ethnicity, others may find it unnecessary and potentially problematic. It can be seen as promoting prejudice or allowing people to fetishize others based on their ethnicity, which is not an ideal situation.

In conclusion, the SIDEPIECE app is a refreshing option for those seeking casual hookups and short-term connections. Its straightforward approach and focus on casual sex make it stand out from other dating apps that often try to masquerade as something more wholesome. While it is not without its flaws, such as the “filter by ethnicity” feature, overall, it delivers on its promise and is a great app to try for anyone looking for casual hookups.

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