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According to accredited sources, modern slot machines were the main driving force for the legalization of gambling in the US. The machines are responsible for generating 75% of all the revenue received in the gambling industry. Machines dwarf online casinos like when it comes to income generation. The machines generate on average $79,962 per year in Las Vegas alone. You would ask why slot machines are so addictive, unlike any other casino game. Well, there is more than meets the eye and we shall find out.

A Brief of Slot Machine History

Slot machines have a long history. Here is a preview of slot machine history:

The year 1891The first slot machine was developed by Sittman and Pitt, a company based in New YorkThe game comprised 5 drums and 50 cards to playCost a nickel to playWins paid at the bar
The year 1887 to 1895Charles Augustus invented the slot machine that could allow automatic payoutsThe machine had 3 reelsPlaying cards replaced by 5 symbols, liberty bell, hearts, horseshoes, diamonds, and spadesThe machine was named Liberty Bell since the highest payout was given for 3 bells symbolsThe machine design was not patented. Other manufacturers replicated it.
The year 1902 to 1908Slot machines were banned in 1902The fruit machine was inventedHerbert Mills, a Chicago-based manufacturer came up with the Operator Bell, a slot machineThe logo of the Bell-Fruit was retained to date
The year 1964Bally released an electric slot machineThe machine featured a bottomless lever and could payout up to 500 coins
The year 1976 to 1978The video slot was developed by Fortune Coin, a Las Vegas companyGames utilized a 19-inch Sony TVApproved by Nevada State Gaming Commission
The year 1996 to dateWMS Industries Inc introduced “Reel Em”Slot machine with additional payouts during the bonus round70% of income in casinos is generated by the slot machineMore advanced features have been included in modern-day slot machines

How Slot Machines Work and Why They Are Addictive?

How do Slot Machines Work?

You will find three or more “reels” in the slot machine. Each of these reels has symbols. For physical slot machines in casinos, you find about 20 symbols or more symbols for each of the reels. Online casino slot machines can have more than a hundred virtual symbols.

The slot machines are designed with random number generators that have the capability of generating thousands of numbers per second. These numbers are linked to a different combination of symbols.

The randomly generated numbers will determine whether you win or lose whenever you activate each play. All spins are independent and whatever combination is generated today is unrelated to what was generated in the past. You can therefore never predict what can happen.

Possible payouts on a Slot Machine depending on the slot machine itself, the pay lines chosen, and the credits wagered. As for the house advantage, Slot machines have on average 8% advantage.

Why are Slot Machines so Addictive?

Some of the reasons slot machines are so addictive include

  • The Dopamine Effect

This is a scientific explanation of why things we engage in can be addictive. Things such as eating, coitus, or exercising tend to trigger the production of Dopamine, a brain chemical that gives the feeling of euphoria.

Slot machines by design give the gamer great highs and waves of euphoria. A huge win in particular results in massive production of Dopamine. The brain, therefore, associates the slot machine with intense feelings of pleasure resulting in addiction.

  • The High Payout Rate

The high payout rates of modern slot machines keep drawing the gambler back to the game. The machines tend to offer the biggest winning possibility, unlike traditional slot machines.

The desire to win a huge sum that can completely change the course of your life makes it harder for players to walk away from slot machines. The gamer will always feel they are a spin away from winning, every time.

  • The Lights, Chords/ Sounds of the Slot Machines

The sound, light and whole atmosphere surrounding the slot machines entice players to keep coming back for more.  The hypnotizing effect of the slot machine is hard to resist. These include coins hitting the tray, chords generated when a combination wins, the lights, and the feeling of winning itself.

Online casino slot machines are even more enticing. Once you get hooked you will lose track of time. You should therefore take control of your drive to engage in slot games before you gamble away your savings.

  • Easily Available

Truth be told, slot machines are available almost anywhere and anyone can play. They are no longer a reserve for casinos as they used to be some years back. You can now get a slot machine almost anywhere; pubs, leisure facilities, amusement parks, motorway stations, and many others.

The slot machines are placed in tempting locations and it becomes hard to resist especially given the flashing lights, noises, and the possibility of a big win.

  • Chasing that one Big Win

One of the reasons gamers get hooked to a slot machine is the dream of one-time winning the jackpot. Most of them might have played earlier on and won a small payout. It is this initial small stake that triggers the desire for a big win.

Slot machines are fast-paced and this in itself proves to generate more addition. The fast-spinning wheel alters the mentality of the gamer, pushing them to keep playing.


Slot machines are never a trick that has been designed to deceive and steal from the gamer. They are simply a distraction with the main intention to keep the gamer engaged for as long as possible. The prominence of card slot machines has even aggravated the situation. Fortunately, if you are already hooked on it, you can still get out of it. There exist so many resources that can help you regain control of your gambling life.

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