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Filmmaker Tyris Terrell McKnight’s WOLV3S ONLY FILMS LLC. Premieres their latest documentary, “New Orleans 2030,” focusing on gentrification, financial apartheid, and corruption in the city.

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States– The Joy Theater in New Orleans is proud to announce the much-awaited documentary film “New Orleans 2030” premiere on June 10, 2023, at 7 pm. The film is produced, directed, and created by Multi-award winning filmmaker Tyris Terrell McKnight, the owner of WOLV3S ONLY FILMS LLC. The documentary features sitting politicians and focus on the future effects of gentrification, financial apartheid, and corruption on the city.

“New Orleans 2030” is a powerful and insightful documentary that delves deep into the racial disparities in a majority-black city with a black majority of legislators. The film exposes the shadow of white supremacy. It raises important questions regarding the decreasing black population in New Orleans, their status as the physical majority but financial minority, and the contributing factors that assist in these phenomena. The documentary provides an in-depth exploration of the possible future population demographics of the city by the year 2030.

Tyris Terrell McKnight, the filmmaker behind the project, said, “Our future is in our hands, and we must seize control over our destiny.” He added, “I am excited to bring this film to New Orleans, and I hope it will encourage meaningful conversations about the issues facing our city and communities nationwide.”

The premiere of “New Orleans 2030” is a must-attend event for anyone interested in understanding the city’s current state and future direction. The documentary is set to be a groundbreaking exploration of some of the most pressing issues facing New Orleans and other cities across the United States. The documentary examines the complex interplay between political power, economic forces, and social structures that shape the lives of residents in New Orleans and beyond. By exposing the systemic nature of racial disparities, “New Orleans 2030” provides a compelling call to action for individuals and communities to seize control of their destinies and work towards a more equitable and just future.

Rather than considering the commercial aspects, Tyris Terrell McKnight has devoted himself to using documentaries to bring change to society. The commentary in most of his work is practical and harsh to digest. His content is thought-provoking and is sometimes termed ahead of its times. Director Tyris Terrell McKnight is active on his Instagram account, sharing the latest updates about his projects. Tickets for the “New Orleans 2030” premiere are available on

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WOLV3S ONLY FILMS LLC. is a film production company founded in 2020 by Tyris Terrell McKnight, known for producing thought-provoking documentaries that challenge societal norms, expose injustices and inspire audiences to take action. The production house aims to bring a positive change in society.

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