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Getting enough rest is tricky. We all live busy, stressful lives that can make rest and relaxation seem like afterthoughts. There is, however, a much stronger emphasis on self-care today than in years prior. If you are on a journey toward self-care and self-love, here’s how to feel more rested this year despite your busy schedule.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is critical to feeling well-rested. Our culture praises the go-getter who pulls all-nighters, but this is not a healthy way to live. It is essential to strive for productivity and rest. Balance is everything. Be sure to get eight hours of sleep each night, and do not deprive yourself of your need to get enough sleep. Your work and mental health are more likely to suffer if you do not get the rest you need. If you need extra support falling asleep, consider purchasing the best hybrid mattress.

Find Your Flow

It is often not the work and responsibility that is exhausting, but our attitude and beliefs around these necessities. If we think creatively about making the daily grind more enjoyable, we can tap into a natural flow state more often, get more done, and find our work more enjoyable.

See how you can find your flow with your work and tasks. You might listen to smooth jazz as you work, use noise-canceling headphones to focus on your actions, or tune out the mental chatter in your head with white noise. You can feel more rested by having a better attitude about your work–yes, even on busy days.

Organize Your Time

Time management is a massive asset in modern life. With technology comes the immense burden of fast-paced expectations. Your deadlines come sooner, and you have less free time to do things your way. Technology, however, can help manage your time more productively so that the fast-paced nature of things can be met with more flexibility.

Look into time-blocking apps and other time management strategies to complete your work faster and more efficiently. With more time available, you’ll get the rest and relaxation you need. You no longer need to spend hours on end at work. Manage your time and get the rest you deserve.

Take Time To Breathe

Spending a few moments focused on your breathing or completing a meditation of some kind can make a huge difference in how rested you feel. Take five-minute breaks for short meditation sessions throughout the day and focus on your breathing. By incorporating small breaks into your day, you can recharge your mind and work more efficiently without feeling exhausted.

Eat For Energy

What you eat will play a big part in how rested you feel. You need fuel to thrive, so if you want to get more done and feel relaxed, eat for energy. Keep your energy levels up by eating high-protein snacks and a few healthy carb sources during lunch. Don’t run on sugary or processed food to avoid feeling sluggish. Eat strategically to maintain steady blood sugar throughout the day.

Limit Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol can make you feel relaxed but also wreak havoc on your sleep. Alcohol disrupts REM sleep, making you tired the day after. If you drink often enough, your sleep and overall health may suffer. Consider limiting your drinking to once per week or a glass of wine daily.

The Bottom Line

Pay attention to what your body needs to feel more rested this year and de-stress at home. Eat for energy, limit your alcohol consumption, take breaks when you need them, meditate, and find your flow with effective time management strategies that work for you.

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