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For the time being remains no, there are currently no licensed or regulated means to bet on sports in the state. The only sports that are legal to bet on are daily fantasy sports and horse racing. 

California is one of the most highly awaited online gambling markets in the US because of its size and the popularity of professional sports in the state. 

There are, however, no laws in California that stop offshore online sportsbooks from doing business in the state. Therefore when asking, whether is online gambling legal in California or not, the short answer would be: maybe it is through legal offshore sportsbooks.

In November voters in California will decide whether or not to legalize sports betting in the state through one of two referendums. Midterm elections typically center on races for local and state representatives, however this year, considerable attention is being paid to the question of whether or not to legalize mobile sports betting in California. 

Over three hundred million dollars have already been spent on advertising this issue by various interest groups and organizers, and as the midterm elections heat up, that number will continue to rise. 

The first referendum would restrict the granting of licenses to conduct sports betting in the state of California to only those groups that are already in possession of retail casinos or racetracks. 

The second referendum might make it possible for outside companies that offer sports betting to pay a licensing fee, at which point they would be authorized to accept bets online and would no longer be limited to retail locations. This choice has led to the greatest amount of expansion within the sector as well as participation from the general public. 

Whilst the question on everyone’s lips remains, is online gambling legal in California? There are always easy enough alternatives to doing it. Legal offshore sportsbooks are your answer.

What Legalizing Sports Betting Could Mean For California

Some of the positive aspects of regulating and taxing sports betting are:

Legalization Will Lead To An Increase In The Number Of Available Jobs

One of the most significant advantages of making sports gambling legal in California is the increase it will bring to the number of job opportunities available in the gambling industry, as well as in digital design firms and advertising agencies. 

This is wonderful news because it will make it easier for currently employed people to advance their careers and will also bring about more opportunities for people who are currently without jobs. There are also XU agencies that operate remotely.

It Will Be Beneficial To The State Of The Economy

The introduction of sports betting has brought a substantial amount of new money into the economies of many states that were previously resistant to the practice. This comes from revenue collected from customers as well as taxes levied against online gaming companies such as DraftKings.

DraftKings has just revealed that they will launch their initial public offering (IPO) this year, and that is fantastic news for the industry as a whole.

Enforced Regulation Means A Safer Gambling Environment

If sports betting were made legal, then trustworthy organizations would run each casino that people could legally visit. They would have peace of mind knowing that the law will address any and all aspects of improper behavior in this way. As a result, the likelihood of losing money or falling victim to a scam is decreased. The existence of regulations ensures that gaming is conducted fairly.

Legalizing gambling enables the free exchange of information, which is an essential component of the overall experience for the player.

Since Anthony Joshua has already secured his legacy it would also mean that you could safely be making some big bucks wagering on him!

What Are The Potential Drawbacks To Allowing Gambling On Sports To Take Place?

One of the primary arguments that can be made against legalizing sports betting is the fear that it will lead to an increase in the number of people who have problems with gambling addiction. Because of the unquestionably increased likelihood of this happening, it is critical that businesses take the necessary precautions to safeguard their clientele.

Which Sports Will Be Available For Betting Should It Become Legalized In California?

The vast majority of the states that have legalized betting on sports also make it possible to wager on all of the major professional and collegiate sports, in addition to international competitions. 

This includes wagering on sports such as the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, the Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, the Ultimate Fighting Championship, golf, tennis, boxing, and various NCAA sports. A comparable list is likely to be included in any sports betting legislation proposed for the state of California. 


Despite the fact that you should be on guard against any potential dangers that a legalized industry might bring, the number of benefits that it could bring appears to outweigh the potential drawbacks. Although we are unable to predict with absolute certainty what will take place in the future, it would appear that the state of California is taking baby steps toward a future in which wagering on sporting events will be permitted.