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Francesco Vitali is a globally known and respectful business advisor, entrepreneur, and investor. He is a protege, an Innovative Manager, and the author of the new book Message for Success.

Franko (as people call him) is one of the greatest business thinkers of our time and is passionate about helping entrepreneurs escape the corporate world, innovate quickly, and make their mark in the business industry. 

In our interview today, Francesco discusses his new book “Message for Success” and what led him to consult in business, from his beginnings in the arts in New York City to the 48 Project and his new creation of the new social platform

1. A Business advisor for many brands and celebrities, but you remain a very active serial entrepreneur. How do you manage all? What is your secret method?

There is no secret to reveal (laughing). What works for me is passion in everything I do. As an entrepreneur trying to make wise decisions about my time, my method is straightforward. And this is the first I have taught aspiring entrepreneurs. Create To-Do Lists. I always start my day with a To Do List and try to complete as many tasks as possible, evaluating and prioritizing all tasks according to relevance and importance. The second more important thing is your team. Having a good team is crucial. I believe in teamwork and am blessed with the right people in the correct positions. My partner Chris Siametis is the head of my business operation, and my good friend and partner, Nicholas Coriano my Chief Financial Officer. I have created a strong team with solid entrepreneurship, business, advising, marketing, and technology background. 


It is a daily motivational guide that helps people to move forward and achieve their goals and targets. It is an inspirational journal based on famous quotes for business by respectful business leaders. 

There’s plenty of advice on how to succeed in business or perform better. The problem is not in methods that have proven to work in High Performance, nor is the “science-based simplicity” approach to identify what matters most. It is the power hidden inside us that drives us to succeed. This book shows you how to apply your mind to change optimally and achieve great success in any business field you want.

3. Is entrepreneurship for everyone? How the Message for Success motivates entrepreneurs today?

First of all, entrepreneurship is a new trend that everyone should try. The new generation wants and must escape the corporate world eventually. Building a new business, many entrepreneurs often need help with a motivation crisis. At some point, while pondering on motivations, a daily journal that motivates us is a simplified model to analyze them in a more structured manner that helps to reflect on our personal goals, values, and life plans. This book motivates and can be a beneficial tool to entrepreneurs because it keeps them on track. More importantly, it helps them analyze their situation and adopt a new business mind. 

4. Is entrepreneurship an expensive sport? Do you feel that you always need to fight to stay on Top?

Entrepreneurship is a way of thinking, not a sport.

Francesco Vitali

Sport is a competition with one great winner, but entrepreneurship is a high-top mountain that can hold many winners simultaneously. I never felt threatened by the competition because Top can have many winners.

With the rise of entrepreneurialism worldwide, many studies have tried to address what makes a successful entrepreneur. And no proven science specifies that the most successful entrepreneurs are born with a specific gene set, skills, intelligence, or knowledge that helps them reach the Top of the business world.

These traits can be taught and developed over, and no factors could affect this development. And there is no specific criterion for what makes an individual successful in business. Because each businessperson is different, and every business mind is unique. 

5. You are the founder and the Executive producer of the first digital and most successful International Short Film festivals, 48FILM Project and 48GO GREEN. What makes you stop running the festival after 13 years of tremendous success?

The 48FILM Project and the 48GO GREEN paused before our last Awards Ceremony at the Directors Guild of America in March 2020 because of the pandemic. Like the rest of the world, Los Angeles was locked down, and no shows or public events were in place for a while. But by the end of this year, the 48 Projects will restart with a very new and fresh team, and launch a brand new project next year, the 48MUSIC Project. Stay tuned, and the best is yet to come!

6. I would like to know more about your new creation, the social platform What is this all about?

It is a New network that creates a new business model for people to digitally connect with friends globally with similar interests and earn money for their time and services.

The importance of rebuilding a new community is where Rent a Cyber Friend aims to help. connects people via video chat with a mission to fight back against loneliness. We are filling a gap in the market. The platform offers a safe online space where people can connect via private encrypted video calls based on their hobbies and interests and earn money by presenting themselves as online friends to those in need. 

Rent a Cyber Friend is an innovative and safe way to connect with others, earn a profit, and enjoy the benefits of social connection. 

7. Manifestation and positive thinking are new approaches to succeed in business, but what defines a successful entrepreneur today, in your opinion?

Manifest is critical as well as positive thinking is essential. But at the end of the day, you still need to do the hard work. And to do the hard work means long hours, days, and weeks. Of course, a work-life balance is crucial at any business’s foundation. Keep up and maintain your enthusiasm and energy; being constantly inspired is your best bet. It would help if you stayed focused, driven, ambitious, and willing to take high risks. You need to be ready for anything, and you always need to remember that it takes dedication, hard work, and thick skin. Expect the best, but be prepared for the worst. 

You can get Francesco’s new book, MESSAGE FOR SUCCESS, on Amazon and major bookstores nationwide.

You can also follow his videos on his YouTube channel and social media.



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