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If you have a special event around the corner, it’s natural to feel confused about your outfits. After all, the fashion industry is brimming with new ideas. But there’s no guide to know which outfits match which occasion…. Until today.

This guide will help you give an outline of the kind of outfits you must wear on different occasions. So, let’s begin!

1. Religious Ceremonies

Women must wear daytime dresses with floral prints but it is advisable to wear full clothes to prevent hurting anyone’s religious sentiments. 

If a casual event follows the ceremony, you can wear sleeveless outfits and cover up with shawls and jackets in the church or temple.

Men must stick to the religious outfit code, like suits and anything specific to the ceremony.

Men and women both must avoid any jewelry that violates religious rules. If you want to wear jewelry at the after-party, carry it in your purse or pocket.

2. Weddings, Engagement, and Galas

The best women’s outfits for these events depend on their role. For weddings and engagements, the women close to the bride (to-be) must discuss with her. She might want her close ones to wear a specific color, tone, or style. 

Avoid the bride’s outfit color by all means. Instead, stick to floor-length A-line or column dress with elegant jewelry. You can also visit a women’s clothing store to explore more options for weddings.

Get your hair styled by experts. Then, choose an amazing pair of kitten heels to walk around without any foot pain.

If you’re a man, choose the standard black tuxedo or go for contrasting lapels. If the invitation mentions “Black Tie Dress Code,” wear a black bow, black waistcoat, and formal shoes, and you’re ready to rock the party!

3. Cocktails, Holiday Parties, and Dinner Parties

These aren’t as formal as black-tie events, so you can relax and play with your outfit a bit.

If you’re a woman, wear your most daring outfit. You can wear anything knee-length or above if it’s an adults-only party. But make sure it’s not shorter than where your fingers rest when your hands are at the sides.

Go for a little black dress or a pastel tunic. You can also rock a detailed top, tailored pants, or skirts with your favorite shoes.

Choose one flashy statement piece of jewelry and make a hair bun to complement the look.

For men, a suit is ideal, but don’t pick something very formal! Instead, go for something with a modern look and slim fit. Make sure you get the suit tailored to your body measurements, even if you pick it from a department store. Remember, the fit makes you sexy, not the brand!

4. Baby Shower, Birthday Party, Family Party, or Barbecue

Kids are guaranteed to be present at these events. So, avoid outfits with provocative hemlines or questionable statements. Wear semi-casuals or a classy piece from your wardrobe.

Women can wear casual dresses with flats, a top, and jeans with stylish sneakers. Wear light makeup and keep your hair open.

Men can play around with anything, like T-shirts, denim, sneakers, sweaters, and fun accessories. To add a hint of fun, add a blazer or chinos.

5. Corporate Meetings, Business Dinner, Work Parties

In the business world, you get only one chance to make or break it. After all, you don’t meet prospective clients and leads every day. Despite your gender, remember to be at your best here!

Moisturize your skin the night before to not look crusty. Avoid getting a cold by all means… you definitely don’t want your prospects to stay away… in the fear of getting infected.

You must also iron your outfits the previous night to reduce troubles in the morning. Go for neutral suits unless your industry demands something edgy.

Women must dress conservatively to create a good impression. Otherwise, the client will draw poor conclusions and question their work standards. Though it’s an unfair judgment, this is an unsaid rule in the business world.

If you’re a woman, add an elegant necklace matching the blouse neckline and flat pumps. A standard business shirt, a dark notch-lapel suit, and leather shoes in the same color will work if you’re a man.

Over to you…

Remember, black isn’t an auspicious color for auspicious events other than men’s suits. So, avoid it at all costs. If it’s an engagement or wedding, women must avoid whites.

Other than that, remember, confidence is the best outfit you can wear, irrespective of the occasion!