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Being locked out of your car can be stressful. Having to call a locksmith that overcharges and arrives late can only make matters worse. The solution, at least according to Al Lijee, founder of Auto Locksmiths, is to provide drivers with greater access to vetted and approved automotive locksmiths in the United States.

We’ve interviewed Al Lijee in the past for the launch of his junk removal platform, JunkGator, so we touched base to see how business is going since launching Auto Locksmiths in 2020.

Tell us a little about Auto Locksmiths…

Auto Locksmiths is a simple and intuitive platform that connects everyday Americans with dependable and affordable automotive locksmiths.

The idea behind it is similar to the other business ventures I’ve built over the past decade, which is to say that it’s basically a platform that makes it easier to find small, independent service providers in a specific niche – in this case, automotive locksmiths.

In my own personal experience, I’ve had problems in the past with the big national brands when I needed to have my windshield replaced, which is where I got the idea to start my first online platform, myWindscreen. Auto Locksmiths is similar in that a lot of the small and independent companies that provide these services already exist in the United States, but they really stand to benefit from a strong digital presence. That’s one way of looking at what we provide as a service to these businesses.

Whether you need an emergency locksmith because you’ve locked yourself out of your vehicle or you need a broken key extraction, or perhaps your car key needs to be replaced, our network of automotive locksmiths can help get the job done.

What makes Auto Locksmiths different from the competition?

So, this specific niche – automotive locksmiths – is fairly narrow in that our competition doesn’t really come from other platforms like ours. Instead, we’re mostly competing with social norms in the US; whenever someone needs an automotive locksmith, their first instinct is to call their insurance or contact AAA, even if they aren’t a paying member.

While they will get assistance in these cases, they’re often left paying way more than they might have anticipated, especially if they don’t have vehicle lockout services in their insurance policy.

By striving to rank our website highly in Google and other search engines, we’re able to get the attention of drivers that want to find affordable and dependable automotive locksmiths in the United States. Once they’re on the site, they’re just a couple of clicks away from finding a nearby locksmith in their ZIP code.

If an automotive locksmith wants to become a member, what does the process look like?

The first step that every prospective automotive locksmith member has to go through is the vetting process. Although we welcome every automotive locksmith to apply, we do need to maintain a standard of quality so that our customers are happy and get the dependable service that they expect from an Auto Locksmiths member.

We check each and every applicant to make sure that their business is legitimate and that they’re operating in good faith, so no fly-by-night locksmiths. Specifically, we’re looking for members that have a proven track record of reliability and a commitment to customer service. We also require that every member provide free quotes with no obligation to the customer. Otherwise, they’re completely free to operate independently in the best and most efficient way for themselves and their customers.

Why should one of your customers choose Auto Locksmiths?

Whenever a customer chooses a business on Auto Locksmiths, they’re helping to reward genuine small businesses in their community for good services that provide much-needed value.

That’s sort of the big picture, but more specifically, the customer has a lot of reasons to use Auto Locksmiths. It’s designed to be quick and easy to find a nearby locksmith, there’s no need to pay to use the platform, and there’s also the peace of mind of knowing that every member has been vetted and approved.

What has the future got in store for Auto Locksmiths?

We’re still growing our platform day by day and consistently adding more and more member partners from all across the United States. For now, we just want to keep building our network by adding more great members while also bringing in more traffic through PPC advertising and organic traffic.