Venture Capital


The Vastly Uneven Playing Field of Venture Capital

As we enter Pride month, many companies will be showing support for the queer community. Corporations like Wells Fargo and Nike will have floats at Pride and sell merchandise decked out in the rainbow flag, perhaps donating a portion of their sales to LGBTQ+ charities.


Theranos: A Bloody Mess

Theranos’s groundbreaking proprietary technology promised to revolutionize healthcare with just a drop of blood from a finger prick. The company, led by its founder Elizabeth Holmes, would raise over $900 million and become a darling in the tech community. That is until a Wall Street


Your Strategy Guide On The Types Of Entrepreneurship Updated For 2022

Entrepreneur. It’s a word you hear every day. What exactly does it mean? A simple answer is that an entrepreneur is a person who is his own boss—someone who runs his or her own business—and takes on a great risk to do so. Before you


Venture Capital Crash Course: Everything You Need To Know

By looking at their business plan, entrepreneurs can figure out how much capital they need to start their activity. They can also predict the ways of financing from traditional sources (bank loans, credit cards, or family resources). However, some people cannot get it this way.


How To Find Angel Investors Without Clipping Their Wings

If the term angel investors is previously unknown to you, an aspiring, budding, or fledgling entrepreneur, it will soon enough become both familiar and relevant. Unless you are otherwise independently wealthy, then your business idea is going to need funding sooner rather than later. There


3 Common Questions All Entrepreneurs Have About Raising Capital

Let’s assume for the moment that you are seeking some sort of traditional venture capital investment. It can be quite intimidating if this is your first time in front of a professional investor. To help you prepare for the experience, Evolution Accelerator compiled a list