Barcelona, Spain: Ignite Your Summer as a Digital Nomad!

Welcome to the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain! Prepare to have your senses awakened and your wanderlust ignited as we dive into the thrilling world of this captivating summer destination for digital nomads. With its mesmerizing architecture, sun-soaked beaches, bustling entrepreneurial spirit, and a cultural


6 Beautiful Vacation Spots For The Overworked Entrepreneur

We can all use a good vacation nowadays with the pandemic stress overload and constant fear of what tomorrow will bring. However, this stress can double when you are a full-time entrepreneur, and your livelihood depends on the success of your business. Entrepreneurship is a


Zima Media Will Pay You To Work From Home

When Michael Zima and his wife experienced yet another brutal Chicago winter three years ago, they had only one thing on their mind. Get out. Their decision to move led to a fresh life abroad, a new business partnership for Michael, and an unconventional way