Ja Rule


Top 8 Netflix Films for Entrepreneurs

Having free time seems impossible, but if you find yourself wanting a way to spend the extra hours, Netflix can be of service. Not only is decompressing a good way to keep your creativity flowing, but by watching these Netflix shows and movies, you may


If You’re An Entrepreneur, Watch These 10 Classic Films

Whether you’re looking for some theatrical inspiration to keep yourself motivated during quarantine, get your entrepreneurial venture off the ground, or just need something to kickstart your creativity, then these classic films are for you. The movies below tell harrowing stories of humanity, highlighting the

Lupe Rose

Lupe Rose, The CEO Launching A New Era Of Women’s Football

What is a maverick? Someone who breaks the rules, achieves success, and changes the world. Who is Lupe Rose? Lupe Rose is the president of She Beverage and CEO of the Women’s Football League Association. Having started her career in radio, she has worked as


Ja Rule Announces Ownership Of First Ever Paid Women’s Football Team

In a tweet Labor Day afternoon, R&B artist Ja Rule announced he’s the owner of one of the first ever professional women’s football teams to pay its athletes. By doing so, he joins a long list of musicians who own sports teams, including Justin Timberlake,