krispy kreme

Can the McDonald’s and Krispy Kreme Collaboration Sweeten the Pot for Investors?

McDonald's is set to introduce Krispy Kreme doughnuts across all locations by 2026, making it the exclusive fast-food partner for Krispy Kreme. This collaboration aims to enhance the dessert menu, delighting customers with a new sweet treat option. However, challenges loom as Krispy Kreme needs to double its distribution to meet the demands of McDonald's vast network. This partnership has stirred the stock market, with Krispy Kreme's shares soaring, yet raises concerns about potential impacts on franchisees and logistical hurdles in servicing remote locations.
taco bell

Taco Bell and Del Taco Engage in a Culinary Clash with Innovations and Expansion Plans

In a striking development within the fast-food industry, Taco Bell recently unveiled an array of culinary innovations at a grand event in Las Vegas, capturing the imagination of its devoted fanbase. Amidst the excitement, the spotlight also turns to Del Taco, a formidable competitor with ambitious expansion plans aiming to challenge Taco Bell's market dominance. This unfolding rivalry showcases a dynamic battle for supremacy, marked by Taco Bell's creative menu additions and Del Taco's strategic growth initiatives, setting the stage for an intriguing showdown in the fast-food landscape.

Subway Refreshes Menu With 12 New Subs

Subway has recently announced a new menu called the Subway Series that includes 12 new subs, grinders and other items. These items can be ordered by number or by name. The new menu items are part of a larger refresh that started last summer. The