Ridesharing has become quite popular in recent years. Many companies offer ridesharing services, but the most common ones are Uber and Lyft. Uber alone has more than 3.8 million drivers worldwide. Ridesharing comes with its own set of benefits, including bringing people together, reducing congestion on the roads, and helping conserve the environment by reducing global warming. While ridesharing companies try their best to guarantee the safety of passengers, sometimes accidents are inevitable. If an accident happens, here are some facts that you need to keep in mind.

What has caused the increase in ridesharing accidents?

In the last several years, the number of accidents involving ridesharing vehicles has skyrocketed. Researchers agree that there are two fundamental elements driving this trend. For starters, ridesharing allows many people to supplement their income. Rideshare drivers are typically individuals who are short on cash and take driving shifts when they are not working at their primary source of income. For that reason, these drivers could be tired, leading to accidents.

Second, consumers can travel for less money by using ridesharing services. Low fares are not helpful for drivers. Many drivers feel driven to go to any length to enhance the rate at which they pick up and drop off passengers, even if it means breaking the rules.

What to do after a ridesharing accident

The last thing anyone can expect while in an Uber is to get involved in an accident. Unfortunately, these accidents do occur. If you get involved in one, here is what you need to do after you recover from the shock:

Stay calm

You must remain on the scene. Leaving is illegal and might land you in significant legal jeopardy. Police would want to speak with you even if you were the passenger. Unless you are taken by an ambulance, you should remain until the authorities release you.

Check for injuries

You might not be in pain, but there is still a possibility that you have some injuries from the accident. Therefore, check for injuries manually and ensure that you are okay.

Contact emergency services

Once you confirm you are okay or have a few injuries, contact the emergency services as soon as possible. The operator will want to know more about your injuries and if other people were injured in the accident. Be clear and precise about the happenings.

Get the driver’s information.

Make sure to take the driver’s name, number, and insurance number. If you are convinced that they are responsible for the accident, don’t bring it up at that moment. Stay silent to maintain peace because peace is paramount at a time like that.

Speak to a witness

You should consult with the witnesses of the accident. Take note of what they say they saw. You may not obtain every detail, but you will obtain enough to form a rough understanding of how the accident transpired. Ensure you obtain the names and addresses of the individuals you spoke with.

Get examined in the hospital.

Even if you do not feel injured, you should seek an examination at the emergency room. Before obtaining care, you should take photographs of your wounds if you sustained cuts and bruises in the accident.

Keep a record

Obtain copies of all medical records about your case. You should also begin writing down your impressions and memories of the accident.

Call a lawyer

If you need any legal help, you should call a ridesharing accident lawyer. If you were using Uber, you should consider calling uber accident lawyer. The lawyer will provide you with all the legal advice you need.

Why you need to call a lawyer

Uber’s policy is to compensate passengers wounded in accidents that involve their cars with $1 million. However, this isn’t money they’re willing to hand over right away. They will anticipate a settlement with the injured person from the driver’s insurer. Uber will only intervene if their driver is underinsured and does not have coverage that covers such events.

However, they will make a lowball offer first. It is critical that you direct them to your lawyer if they contact you directly. You should delegate all discussions and negotiations to your Uber accident lawyer. It’s the only way to avoid being misunderstood and undercutting your stance unintentionally.

Your ridesharing accident lawyer will be able to determine whether the initial offer is reasonable and reply on your behalf. Accepting this offer, if it covers your bills and fairly pays you for your losses, may be the wise decision. If you were seriously hurt in the accident, your lawyer will fight for the million-dollar settlement, or even more if the circumstances merit it.

What the lawyer will do for you

An Uber or Lyft accident lawyer specializes in assisting regular people in defending their rights against large corporations such as Uber and Lyft. Uber has claimed for the past decade that it cannot be held liable for crashes involving its drivers since they are not technically company employees and instead work as independent contractors. However, judges and juries around the country have rejected this line of reasoning, awarding significant compensation to passengers killed or seriously injured in incidents caused by careless Uber drivers. The lawyer you engaged can help you achieve the same outcome.

The first thing the lawyer will do is hire private investigators to reexamine the case’s evidence. The latter will go over the witness statements and the events surrounding the accident. They’ll reexamine witnesses to the collision and interview those who were missed by the police officers who arrived on the scene. This can often reveal new information about how the accident occurred.

In addition, your attorney will hire vehicle accident reconstruction specialists who can use forensic evidence to create a simulation of how the accident transpired. Experts in medicine can provide comments outlining the incapacitating impact of your injury. With such information, they will build a strong case against the ridesharing company, and you will be compensated accordingly.