With so much competition, the days when hotels could fill their rooms by simply offering a safe place to sleep and a few cable channels are over. Today, hotel chains lobby to attract guests with unique experiences including everything from sunset yoga to pet-friendly happy hours. Here are five hotels offering more than just tacky comforters and impossible-to-open soaps for your next getaway.

TWA Hotel

TWA Hotel
TWA Hotel. Photo courtesy of Gerber Group

Take a trip back in time to the glory days of aviation and stay at this retro hotel that pays homage to Trans World Airlines. Located in JFK International Airport’s former TWA Flight Center designed by Eero Saarinen, the hotel displays a classic split-flap departure board in its new lobby lounge. Pro tip: Make a reservation to snag a table onboard Connie, a Lockheed Constellation L-1649A that has been converted into a cocktail lounge.

TWA Hotel at JFK
Terminal 5, 6 Central Terminal Area
Jamaica, NY 11430

The DogHouse Hotel & Brewery

Doghouse Hotel & Brewery
Doghouse Hotel & Brewery. Photo courtesy of Trip Advisor

Located just outside of Columbus, Ohio, the DogHouse is a beer-lovers’ dream. The hotel is inside an American outpost of Scottish multinational brewery, BrewDog. There are 32 beer-themed rooms with in-room taps and mini-fridges stocked with beer in the showers. As if drinking while bathing isn’t enough entertainment, guests can tour the brewery and take in the craft beer museum.

The DogHouse Hotel & Brewery
96 Gender Rd.
Canal Winchester, OH 43110

Arctic Bath Hotel

Arctic Bath and Spa concept art
Arctic Bath and Spa concept art. Photo courtesy of Forbes

For those who like to live on the edge, the Arctic Bath and Spa is now taking reservations for February 2020. The under-construction hotel is located in the Lulea River in Sweden and is designed to freeze into the river in the winter and float on top of the water in the summer. Six floating cabins, six cabins on land, and the central spa are connected by floating walkways. The center bath offers a place for guests to sunbathe, ice bathe, or take in the Northern Lights.

Arctic Bath Hotel
960 24 Harads 


Man interacting with robot at Flyzoo Hotel
Man interacting with robot at Flyzoo Hotel. Photo courtesy of Alizila/Alibaba

Tired of dealing with people? Well, at Flyzoo in Hangzhou you might not have to. Media giant Alibaba Group created a hotel that relies largely on Artificial Intelligence (AI) so person-to-person communication is limited. Inside the 290-room hotel, one-meter tall robots tackle everything from finding rooms to delivering room service. Also, doors rely on facial recognition, meaning no awkward trips to the front desk for lost keys.

Ali Mall, No.8 Buidling
Hangzhou, China, 311121

Mountain Lake Lodge

Mountain Lake Lodge
Mountain Lake Lodge. Photo courtesy of Mountain Lake Lodge

While Kellerman’s Mountain House never really existed, you can still have the time of your life during Mountain Lake Lodge’s Dirty Dancing-themed weekends. The scenic hotel in Pembroke, Virginia was actually used for some of the movie’s filming locations. During themed weekends, guests can take group dance lessons, and there’s even a big dance party at Mary’s Barn where guests can show off their best Baby and Johnny routines—well, maybe without the lift.

Mountain Lake Lodge
115 Hotel Circle
Pembroke, Virginia 24136

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This article was originally published on GREY Journal.