Starbucks Aims to Expand Rapidly: Eight New Stores Daily Until 2030

Starbucks is brewing up an ambitious expansion plan that aims to open an average of eight new stores per day, a move intended to double its global footprint to 55,000 stores by 2030. The coffee giant recently announced its “Triple Shot Reinvention with Two Pumps”


TikTok is imposing a one-hour daily limit on teenagers’ screen time.

TikTok has introduced major changes for users under the age of 18, including a one-hour daily screen time limit in an effort to curb excessive scrolling. The new restrictions come amid growing concerns that the app is turning young people into “boring beasts”. The move


How China And America Will Battle Over Technological Dominance

Attitudes between America and China have always been subtly adversarial, but tensions have exploded over the last year with the failed phases of the trade deal, rhetoric and misinformation about the coronavirus’ origins, and embassy closings in each other’s country, an unprecedented event.  A focus


Jiayi Zhu, The New York Artist Redefining Chinese Art

Innovation comes in many forms. Meet the creative minds inspiring others through art. Chinese-born and New York City-based illustrator Jiayi Zhu is a very talented and young artist with many projects on her horizon. Her Chinese culture plays a large part in her work. We


3 Mistakes Starbucks’ Largest Competitor Has Made

Pumpkin spice lovers rejoice! Fall is finally here. As everyone flocks to Starbucks to grab their favorite PSLs, one of its competitors is left scratching its head. Luckin Coffee, the Chinese chain that was once predicted to take down the Goliath, is currently shaking due


Five One-of-a-Kind Hotels For Your Next Holiday

With so much competition, the days when hotels could fill their rooms by simply offering a safe place to sleep and a few cable channels are over. Today, hotel chains lobby to attract guests with unique experiences including everything from sunset yoga to pet-friendly happy

Darryn Burrows, Tattoo Collector

Are Tattoos Fine Art?

As museums, art auctions, and collectors begin attempting to invest and acquire tattoos, the debate over tattooing's legitimacy has intensified. Should tattoos be considered Fine Art? Do they even need to be?