With spring and summer getting closer by the day, it’ll soon be time to pull out your sunglasses for everything from your morning commute to beach days. Shielding your eyes from the sun is one thing, shielding them in style is another. Enter the up and coming eyewear company, Oh My Eyes. With its modern sensibilities and strong personality, this line of eyewear has become an overnight sensation.

Co-Founders (from right to left): Christopher Hunt, Jonna Dagliden Hunt, David Lauwiner, and Anna-Karin Wikstrand
Co-Founders (from right to left): Christopher Hunt, Jonna Dagliden Hunt, David Lauwiner, and Anna-Karin Wikstrand
OH-13 and Case
OH-13 and Case


Meet Marco

For its initial collection, Oh My Eyes chose to bring on renowned Italian eyewear designer Marco Galleani. If his name sounds familiar, it’s likely because he’s been designing for top brands since the 1980s (YSL, Gucci, Prada, Balenciaga, and Miu Miu to name a few).


Galleani says that his initial inspiration usually comes to him often while he is lying in bed.“My mind is totally open” he says. As he lays out and thinks of the confluence of technology and art, new ideas come to light and seriously beautiful eyewear is born.

Marco Galleani in his studio

The inspiration for this specific collection is Scandinavian modernism.

I’ve been inspired by technical details in furniture, architecture and lamp design seen in Scandinavian modernism for the first collection for OH MY EYES. The result is ‘The Clip’ – an eyewear construction where the frame is anchored by a special clip that partly replaces the screw.


Materials and Making

This key innovation in the construction of the glasses gives Galleani’s design an aura of exclusivity. It implants the idea that this type of eyewear can only be found in one place.

Marco Galleani's process work
Marco Galleani’s process work
Equally important to the glasses are their materiality. There seems to be a conscious avoidance of plastics in the design of this collection. Instead, Galleani chooses cellulose acetate (a cotton and wood-based natural material) and titanium.
When I started the new collection for OH MY EYES it was important for me to combine different materials. The cellulose acetate is based on cotton and is a very natural material. When I use a metal I prefer titanium, which is nickel-free.


Craftsmanship is King

Interior of the Sabae, Japan workshop
Interior of the Sabae, Japan workshop

The actual making of the collection is done by a talented group of Japanese craftsmen in Sabae, Japan. Sabae is a place where the creation of eyewear has been occurring for the last century. It was also the first place light, corrosion resistant titanium was used in glasses creation. It’s clear that between their talented artistry and Galleani’s vision a truly winning collection has been made.

To learn more about Oh My Eyes go here.

To learn more about the Sabae, Japan craftsmanship go here.