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Is it about time you took up gardening? A timeless pastime that can be fun and rewarding in equal measure, working on your garden can offer all sorts of benefits beyond the hobby itself, like giving you additional leisure and hosting space and even adding value to your home.

Of course, you can’t just walk into your garden, trowel in hand, and start digging about. Creating and maintaining a quality garden takes knowledge and time, and you’ll need these tips as a starter for ten as you look to get into the craft.

Learn how to plant

The plants you choose will define your garden, so it’s important you learn how to plant them properly so they grow healthily and last a long time. Planting well involves thorough weeding and preparation of the soil – and adding mulch or fertilizer where necessary. Different plants require different planting, too. For example, trees need to be planted at the right depth to thrive.

You can find all sorts of planting instructions online – make sure you have the right ones to hand before you get started.

Experiment with your space

Gardening is a vast and diverse hobby full to the brim of options. You might have an idea in mind of what you want from your garden, but don’t worry if you don’t. One of the best parts of gardening is the ability to experiment with the different types of plants and layouts available.

We’d recommend starting small with your ambitions so you don’t bite off more than you can chew. Begin your new garden with a small planter or veg patch, introducing a few different types of plants to see what works best. From there, you can move to the bigger questions: hanging plants vs potted plants, for example, or whether you want to start growing things to eat.

Get to know your garden

One of the first things to do before starting your new garden adventure is to understand what makes it tick. Knowing and adapting to sun and frost patterns (i.e. Is your garden north- or south-facing), the quality of your soil, and the best growing zones for your new plants will help you create a better garden.

Once you know how to get the best from your space, you can make improvements and avoid errors that will get in the way of building your dream garden.

Be attentive

Despite the seasonal changes, gardening is very much a year-round hobby that’ll you need to commit to fully in order to get the best results. You’ll need to tend to your plants regularly, maintaining all the support elements that keep your garden going (like soil, containers, and weeding). 

You’ll also probably have to invest some money into getting the right tools for the job, too. For example, do you need to add a few Milwaukee power tools to your shed to go alongside your key basics?

Once you’ve got to know your garden, you’ll understand how to maintain it properly. Then it’s up to you to commit the time, money, and effort required to keep it to the best possible standards. Get that process right, however, and you’ll find your new gardening hobby to be incredibly rewarding and easy to fall in love with.