With the holiday season here and last-minute socially distant shoppers bustling to stores, the pressure for finding the perfect gift is on in a timely and efficient manner. What can you give the person who has it all? Are you running out of time for that holiday event to bring a gift? Are you looking for something that physically doesn’t need you to be there to give but that the idea, the promise, the subscription can elicit joy? Look no further. Food and drink subscription boxes are your answer. Food can be a very personal and unique present, and when it is a subscription box, it brings the joy of gift-giving year-round. Each month or each quarter your gift recipient will be dazzled and delighted by your thoughtfulness and the wonderful, tasty, and useful products. Here are a few food-related gifts to give to someone as we continue this holiday season.


Instagram post from Wildgrain

I found this bread-to-oven service on shop, an Instagram page worthy of taking a look for gift-giving inspiration, for yourself or others. Wildgrain’s website promises pasta, pastries, and bread in each box, with manipulatable frequency of how often you gift, or receive your subscription box. Wildgrain'[s website says, “There are few things as satisfying and as comforting as taking a freshly-baked, homemade loaf of bread out of the oven or digging into fresh, homemade pasta or pastries.” With that image in mind, it makes me want to pop over to Wildgrain’s website and treat myself to this easy and delicious subscription box.


Instagram post from Winc

Give the gift of delicious wine this holiday season. Winc is a wine subscription that delivers to your friend’s door based on a quiz that helps curate the wine to their (or your) palate so you can discover and enjoy delightful new wines. The gift recipient will then be able to rate the wines sent to them so that Winc can better serve their unique taste. Winc promises flexibility and ease with each subscription box. It is perfect for the wine lover in your life. Check out the Winc website.

Marshmallow of the Month Club


Marshmallow of the Month Club is an amazing and absolutely unique culinary subscription, promising to bring joy and that extra special something to a person’s life that only handmade artisanal marshmallows can provide. I was introduced to this company on Cratejoy, a website that hosts many subscription box companies. Each month brings a new flavor and a new way to eat your special, unique, and delicious marshmallows. Your gift recipient will be overwhelmed with the gratitude and joy that this subscription can bring.

Bean Box

Post for Bean Box’s Instagram

Give the gift of everlasting coffee through a Bean Box subscription. Also with the option of buying a coffee and chocolate gift box, a combo of some of the best food delicacies around, Bean Box provides a way for your friend to receive a month-by-month subscription, providing them with a perfect morning every day, right to their door. With a coffee sampler option that allows between 16-24 cups from four different curated coffees or a coffee bag subscription that has monthly, biweekly and weekly options, this gift really does keep on giving.

Sips by

Instagram Post from Sips By

As far as targeted Instagram ads go, I appreciate that it knows what I want. And what I want is tea. Growing up in the American South, there is nothing sweeter than drinking a glass of sweet tea. From iced sweet tea to discovering the variety of hot steeped teas during my semester abroad in England, I then discovered the joys that hot tea with a dash of milk and honey can elicit. Sips by is the perfect brand for the tea lover in your life. They offer a personalized tea quiz and the opportunity to rate their teas so that the company can continue to provide a curated service. For gift options, they offer a variety of options in their store, and also digital gift cards to email or print are available. Check out Sips By’s website here.


Instagram Post from MunchPak

Gifting Snacks. From all around the world. What more could you want? MunchPak is one of many snacking subscription boxes that offer snacks from around the globe. Each month there is another country to feature. With different gift-giving snacking options, 5+ snacks, 10+ snacks, and 20+ snack options, MunchPak can be a perfect gift for an individual or a family. They also provide the opportunity to send a message with your gift, which adds that special touch. Check out MunchPak’s website here. MunchPak offers free delivery in the U.S. and a shipping option that disguises their packaging and the sender so it’s that extra level of surprise, perfect for a Secret Santa gift exchange.

Have you tried any of these subscription services? What is your favorite? Leave us a comment.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.