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Office chairs are an essential part of your career. This is where you sit and make life changes decisions for your business and your clients. You are here moving and shaking eight or more hours a day and you want to have a sense of comfortability. However, more often than not, office chairs are not that comfortable or may not fit your needs. This is particularly true of individuals who may are suffering from Deep Vein Thrombose (DVT). DVT is a medical condition where your body forms blood clots deep in the vein. The blood clot can form in places such as the lower leg, thigh, pelvis, and maybe even the arm. So, how can you minimize DVT while at work? Well, a great start would be to invest in an office chair that is offering leg support and circulation. I have listed a few that might help you find the “one.”

The Office Chairs You Need

1. Autonomous ErgoChair Recline

In this office chair, you are sure to enjoy working at your desk for the rest of your shift. It offers adjustable lumbar support to relieve spine pressure, a breathable mesh style back and a soft padded leg rest that makes it easier to reduce leg pain while you are reclining. There is a weight capacity of 250 pounds but overall, it is a great option to choose from.

2. NOUHAUS Ergo 3D Ergonomic Office Chair

This office chair is worth checking out. It features 3-D lumbar support that offers supreme comfort to your spine. This helps the body maintain appropriate blood circulation. You can also find adjustable armrests, which give you the chance to angle up or down or back and forth. It also comes with a tilt mechanism for greater mobility.

3. Duramount Reclining Office Chair

This heavy-duty high-back ergonomic office chair is a must-have for leg circulation. It gives you back and lumbar support that reduces pressure on the leg, great for reducing those blood clots from forming. It also comes with a footrest that is sure to get your legs stretched and not constantly bent at the knees.

4. Cherry Tree Furniture Office Chair with Retractable Footrest

If you are not into leather, then check out this durable fabric office chair. It has a cushioned seat with a retractable leg rest that gives your body the stretch it needs after consistently sitting for hours. You can also recline at a 170-degree angle for more lumbar support.

In the end, office chairs are our best friend. We spend a good chunk of our time in them so why not ensure they can help us health-wise. DVT is a serious condition, and you must do your part to help minimize the risks. That is why starting today you should be researching and checking out the chairs listed and see if they would work for you. I would also recommend heading to a store and trying them out in person. That way you get a live experience of how the chair features work and if the seat is comfortable for you to spend a few hours in them. Although price can play a big part in choosing to purchase an ergonomic chair, looking out for sales, and browsing Amazon should help keep you within your budget. In addition, to the office chair, I would recommend getting up and stretching your legs every hour at least. Stretching the arms and legs can be a much-needed break from work and it is another form of preventing blood clots. I hear Shopping time.