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Plant-based nutritionist Emmie Keefe, better known as Healthy Emmie, is changing the way that we think about our weight. Helping thousands of personal clients lose weight and keep it off, Emmie has found a formula that works. In her recent Instagram reel, Emmie shows her followers what a pound of fat actually looks like.

In the reel, Emmie pulls out a shockingly large model of a pound of fat. She shares that although the number on the scale may indicate that we’ve gained a pound from one day to the next, that this is not a reflection of true fat gain.

“Our body weight is a reflection of a plethora of ever-changing factors that change every moment of the day,” says the plant-based nutritionist. “Hormones, intracellular water, bladder and bowel contractions, sodium intake, glycogen stores, eating patterns, hydration levels, exercise regimes, and even the weather will change our body weight throughout the day and week.”

In another Instagram reel, Emmie even compares a pound of water to a pound of fat, saying that both will produce identical numbers on the scale… but of course only one of them is true fat gain. “So if you drink a glass of water and then step on the scale, the number will be up a pound. But obviously you didn’t just gain a pound of fat.”

So, I guess we can all take a sigh of relief, as Emmie reveals that it is normal for our body weight to fluctuate from day to day. “We are living, breathing humans… not robots. Our weight is supposed to fluctuate.” Emmie says. She encourages her clients to look at week-to-week average changes and months as opposed to obsessing over day-to-day or hour-to-hour changes.

Emmie encourages her clients and audience to eat a whole-food plant-based diet without added oils. She teaches her clients how to build satisfying plates filled with a variety of colorful foods including all types of fruits, vegetables, rice, beans, potatoes, oats, and lentils. By following a natural diet – one based on foods without ingredients lists – her clients do not have to micromanage their food intake through calorie counting, fasting, macro tracking, or any other habit that Emmie deems as “unnatural, unhelpful, and unnecessary.” Instead, Emmie advocates for listening to our body’s innate hunger and fullness cues while eating a whole-food, plant-based diet. 

In addition to tackling the nutrition side of weight loss, Emmie also heavily focuses on the mindset aspect of weight loss. Her clients not only work with her, but they also work with their own nutrition coach and mindset coach to guide them through their weight loss journey in a holistic manner. As is clear through her content and work with clients, Emmie takes in to account the big picture when teaching her clients and working with them on an intimate level. As Emmie says, “It’s not just what you’re eating… but it’s also what’s eating you.”

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