The Skims X Fendi capsule has officially dropped! It’s no surprise that this collaboration between Kim K and one of the world’s most recognizable fashion houses is nearly sold out after a few short days. (Yes, even the 1,100 pair of black leggings.) The 125 item collection is simple yet chic, featuring curve accentuating bodycon designs typical of Skims, elevated by Fendi’s signature logo pattern.

If the idea of this crossover isn’t reason enough to empty fashion lovers pockets, take a look at Kim Kardashian modeling her own collection. Ethereal, I know.

According to TMZ, the capsule pulled in $1 million within one minute of going live on November 9th. TMZ reports that this launch is likely to be the most successful of Kim Kardashian’s fashion career. This is especially impressive considering Skims has only been operational for a few short years.

If you’re unfamiliar with this must-have brand, take a look at the essential products here. If you have a few extra dollars to spend, be sure to snap up whatever’s left of the limited Skims X Fendi drop here. Not because Kim Kardashian needs your money, but because the collection genuinely seems to be worth the million dollar hype.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.