Over the past couple years, a messaging and video software named Discord has grown exponentially. Because of their growing popularity, Microsoft has caught wind of it and wants to buy it for $10 billion. But why?

Well, Discord started out as an innocent software to download so you could chat with friends and strangers in a community of your liking. Down the road of their success, it turned into something that is quite unique. Mostly used by gamers and those in that community, it quickly became a place for people to watch, talk, and play together.

However, it is looking like Discord is branching out of their gaming community and trying new things out. Topics like cryptocurrency, education, and so on are starting to pop up on this software. Since it is a safe place where millions of people can communicate, regardless of distance, Discord is now a hub for awesomeness.

Discord is a lot like Clubhouse and the other popular platforms out there. However, they have been around longer, and their community is larger. You can video chat, text, post, and share anything on Discord. But what really makes Discord different than other platforms would be your ability to control your experience. You create your own server, and it can be shared with special people that you invite, or it can be public.

Alongside that, Discord doesn’t use ads which is even more alluring if you ask me. Instead of relying on advertisements to make money off of the software, Discord is solely reliant on subscriptions. You can buy add-ons like a better streaming quality, cool emojis, and so on. Discord is unique and would make a wonderful addition to the Microsoft world.

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This article is originally published on GREY Journal.