Microsoft’s Bold Embrace of AI: The Next Big Step in Computing

In case there was any doubt, Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, has made it abundantly clear: Microsoft is all in on AI, and they’re not holding back. In the company’s annual report, Nadella underscores the immense importance of AI in the world of computing, making it


Python in Microsoft Excel Public Preview Now Live!

In a game-changing move that is set to redefine the landscape of data analysis and spreadsheet operations, Microsoft has officially launched the public preview of Python in Excel. This marks a monumental stride in technology integration, as the feature seamlessly harmonizes the immense capabilities of


Microsoft earnings are down 14% as a result of sluggish PC sales.

On Tuesday, Microsoft Corp reported its slowest quarterly revenue increase in five years and a 14% decline in profit as harsh macroeconomic circumstances impacted PC sales and stalled cloud expansion, which had boosted profitability for years. According to Refinitiv IBES statistics, the business recorded sales


Monopolies – A Growing Problem in Today’s America?

Over a century ago, in the last decades of the nineteenth century, the United States enjoyed a period known today as the Gilded Age. Great fortunes were made and lost, and America rapidly ascended to become the preeminent industrial power in the western world. During


Windows 11 Release Challenging Mac OS?

Microsoft recently announced that it would be launching a major update to the Windows operating system. This time, they won’t be jumping numbers, it’ll be known as Windows 11. The release is rumored to be coming in October this year. Its predecessor, Windows 10 was


Microsoft Is Looking to Buy Discord For $10 Billion

Over the past couple years, a messaging and video software named Discord has grown exponentially. Because of their growing popularity, Microsoft has caught wind of it and wants to buy it for $10 billion. But why? Well, Discord started out as an innocent software to


Zoom Is Ahead Of The Video Conferencing Race, But For How Long?

With an estimated 300M daily users, Zoom currently reigns supreme over all remote conferencing platforms, and it’s not even close. How is that possible in a world where Google, Microsoft, and Facebook all have competing products on the market? Zoom’s Founder and CEO Eric Yuan


These American Tech Companies Just Crossed $1.5 Trillion In Value

You may surprised to learn that despite COVID-19 becoming an increasingly prevalent issue, angel investors are more willing now than ever to place money into new startups. Investors want to see their money continue to flow and everyone is desperate for things to return to