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Chicken Maven KFC, a key group of customers, millennials and gen Z, said, ‘What the millennials really really want is what KFC wants. ‘ KFC wants to attract more millennials to its restaurants, and young people want ‘chicken nuggets, apparently. KFC, which already has fried and popcorn chicken choices, is testing nuggets in Charlotte, North Carolina. The nuggets are seasoned with KFC’s signature spice combo and come in orders of eight, twelve, and thirty six pieces. Thirty six is the number of nuggets you can eat if you’re growing. Gen Z, who are between the ages of eighteen and twenty four years old, are particularly gold mines for businesses, according to analyst Robert Byrne, who spoke to CNN. The loyalty of young people, in particular gen Z, is due to their strong sense of citizenship.

Byrne says that the earlier you can engage with customers, the more loyalty and frequency you can build over a longer period of time. Chances are, you won’t understand this, but is it really loyalty to nuggets if you’re KFC? Young people seem to be interested in boneless chicken options, according to KFC, as nuggets are a better snack than a bucket of fried chicken, especially when you’re on the go. The nuggets are a better snack than a bucket of fried chicken, especially when you’re on the go. In order to reel in young people, KFC will have to fight off a host of competitors who are also reeling in gen Zers with the same thing. You may remember the chaos and shortages caused by a popular chicken sandwich in 2019 at Popeye’s locations across the country.

Well, riding on that success Popeye’s rolled out nuggets, which were essentially many versions of the chicken cuts in their sandwiches.

That happened late last summer. The nuggets had quite the cultural impact that the chicken sandwich did?

But there’s still a popular menu item and getting folks in the door at the chain. No matter how you slice it or dip it, I suppose. Chicken nuggets are becoming quite the rage in the fast food world.

Well younger folks keep coming back to KFC to get their fixed. We guess that depends on if they’re finger looking good enough.

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