Pico, a creator CRM company, is rebranding itself as Hype and launching Hype Kits, which offer pre-designed web templates for creators to build a landing page. The company has also secured $10 million in Series A funding led by King River Capital, along with other investors such as Precursor Ventures, Bloomberg Beta, and Sterling Road, bringing its total fundraising to $20 million. Hype’s core strength has been offering CRM tools to creators, and its latest rebranding aims to offer link-in-bio tools like Linktree to put that capability at the front.

Hype Kits offer a quick landing page and a drag-and-drop webpage builder, as well as CRM tools like email and phone sign-up boxes. Hype takes a 5% cut out of all payments made to creators, and creators have made $30 million in revenue and collected more than four million email and phone contacts through Hype’s tools. Hype aims to become profitable by mid-2024.

Hype founder Nick Chen emphasized that the creator economy is converging with the small business economy, and Hype’s goal is to give creators of all types the necessary audience engagement and revenue tools previously only available to larger businesses. Hype plans to build a more powerful CRM tool for creators to build a better fanbase in the coming months.

Hype faces stiff competition from other link-in-bio startups, such as Linktree, Beacon, and Snipfeed, as well as Patreon competitors such as Fanfix and Fanhouse. Chen acknowledged the competition but emphasized Hype’s unique value proposition of offering a more powerful CRM tool to help creators monetize their skills.