Gap, the renowned global retail giant known for its popular family brands such as Athleta, Old Navy, and Banana Republic, is reportedly set to implement a significant round of layoffs in its corporate workforce as part of a larger restructuring initiative. The restructuring is aimed at reducing bureaucracy, increasing operational efficiency, and empowering employees with more robust roles and decision-making authority, with the ultimate goal of positioning the company for future success.

This round of layoffs is expected to be more extensive than the previous one that took place in September 2022, during which nearly 500 corporate employees were let go. In a memo addressed to employees, Gap’s chairman and interim CEO, Bob Martin, outlined the company’s strategic objectives, stating, “Our goal is to flatten the organization, increase spans of control to create more robust roles and individual empowerment, and decrease layers to remove bottlenecks and make better, faster decisions.” This move comes just a month after Gap announced cost-cutting measures totaling $300 million, which included reducing layers of management.

Gap has encountered challenges in recent times, including declining profits and the departure of its CEO, Sonia Syngal, in July 2022 after serving only two years in the role. Furthermore, Gap’s stock has experienced a decline of approximately 24% as of Wednesday morning, compared to the same period last year. Despite these obstacles, the company remains committed to navigating the evolving retail landscape and taking strategic steps to position itself for sustained success in the future. Gap’s restructuring efforts reflect its proactive approach to adapt to changing market conditions and optimize its operations to drive growth and profitability in the long term.