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Have you been looking for a way to not make any contact with people all while making payments in the store? Well, for a few years now, contactless payments have been super popular.

The whole idea around contactless payment methods are that you don’t have to touch anything super communal in the store besides what you are taking home. So, let’s say that you are shopping at Target. You’re at check out and the card reader says it takes Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay alongside a physical card. You can use your phone to make the payment so that you aren’t making any contact with the card reader that may carry millions of germs on it. Doing this is not only ten times easier than using your card, but it saves you from touching too many germs especially during these times.

To set your payment up you just go into your wallet app on your phone and put in your card information, you then have to verify with your bank that you are doing it and once they give you clearance…you’re all set. A big bonus about having a contactless payment method is that when you make a purchase, your card information or your payment information gets disguised so no one can take your information and use it for themselves.

We are seeing contactless payment thrive at an all-time high since the pandemic started. Many places are actually encouraging you to make your payment through an app so that you help reduce the spread of the virus. Apple Pay is one of the most popular contactless payment methods out there as of right now. Google Pay and Samsung Pay are climbing up there. However, the most popular is actually a Chinese branded method called Alipay

If you are thinking of joining in on the contactless payment bandwagon…do it! It’s great!

What are your experiences with contactless payments? Let us know down in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.