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Working from home…whatever thoughts you may have on the subject, it has been a major part of everyone’s routine during this pandemic. From working in a busy office with the center of life buzzing through the room to trying to find a space in your tiny apartment to tackle meetings and other work needing to get done, working from home has been a highlight of this year. And to make it easier for you, Jesse Chambers took matters into his own hands.

Jesse Chambers created something that he thinks will help workers navigate the horror of remote work. He thinks that working from home can be beneficial to you and can help you in the long run. Wrkfrce, his very own website, is a place with over 60 articles that can help you not only tackle working from home but can help you tackle life. He is inspiring professionals and businesses to live the best life they possibly can through working remotely.

From articles talking about how to get the job you want to tips on how to parent and work from home to building a solid routine that will make remote work-life bearable, Chambers has it all. He knows that being in the middle of this pandemic and going through all the changes in the way that we all have is extremely difficult. So, he created a place where you can get the resources you need to survive this and hopefully find the positivity in it.

He believes that it is possible because, like many people, he lived the remote work life and he fell in love with it. I mean, if you really think about it, even before the pandemic started hundreds of thousands of people worked from home. It isn’t all that bad. You can create the life that you want working from home, just like you would be working in an office. Wrkfrce has many tips, tricks and plenty of advice to give you a place to get comfortable with remote work. Eventually…you may fall in love with it. 

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.