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If you are operating a business with a physical location, one thing that might give you sleepless nights is finding effective ways to get your business noticed. The challenge is every business next to you has a sign. All of you are scrambling for the attention of similar viewers. According to stats, each viewer comes across 6,000 to 10,000 ads a day. What will make your sign stand out amidst a crowded signage space?

One way to make your business visible is by using dimensional letter signs. Dimensional letter signs are 3D elements cut out from solid materials in the shape of letters, symbols, and images and mounted on surfaces to form a branding message.

If you search for info about dimensional letter signs, you might come across their counterparts, channel letter signs. So it’s helpful to understand the difference between dimensional and channel letter signs. To a large extent, these two types of signage are similar as they both involve cutting out individual elements from solid materials and mounting them to form a sign or message. However, whereas artists cut out dimensional letters from solid materials such as wood, metal, and acrylic sheets, channel letter signs use a hollow channel made of acrylic to allow for hassle-free illumination.

Dimensional Letter Signs And Their Beauty

Think of how you recently reacted to raised lettering or symbols associated with a brand. Didn’t they capture your attention? That’s the beauty of dimensional letter signs.

Here’s a look at why dimensional letter signs add a decorative touch to your branding:

They stand out

3D letters and signs are eye-catching and attention-grabbing. They make your business get noticed in busy or crowded areas such as shopping malls and downtown streets where every business’s advertisement is competing for attention. Run-of-the-mill signs won’t cut the mark in such an environment.

There are different materials to choose from

Good signage emulates the unique personality of a brand. With dimensional lettering, it’s easy to create unique designs without jeopardizing your brand’s personality. The wide variety of materials also means each business can create dimensional lettering that matches their specific needs, including a friendly budget and the purpose of signage. Materials used for dimensional letter signs include:

  • Metal – Bronze, steel, copper, and aluminum are malleable, durable, and able to stand up to harsh weather. This quality makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor signage. Metal signs are a perfect choice for a brand interested in a modern industrial sophisticated tone.
  • Wood – Its natural appearance exudes elegance on any sign or branding. It’s durable and can hold up to outdoor weather elements.
  • Acrylic -Versatile and flexible, making it usable in numerous situations. Besides, it’s easy to fashion acrylic into different shapes of unique colors and sizes. These qualities make acrylic the best choice when interested in bold and eye-catching signs that will create a lasting impression.
  • Foam Core – it’s a light and durable material that’s suitable for temporary signage. Foam Core is best suited for indoor signage unless you use other coats and finishes to boost its lifespan.

They are unique and add aesthetic appeal

Flat letters and symbols are familiar and conventional. But 3D elements appear as solid and unique. They also appear as though they float in the air, the quality that makes them have a 3D effect. It looks different and interesting. That’s why people are attracted to it.

Economical signage solutions

When you combine high-quality materials and top-notch craftsmanship, the signs you get will be durable. The installation saves you money in the long run. 

They are versatile

As mentioned earlier, businesses can choose from various materials to make their dimensional letter signs. Any business, no matter the field, can find a suitable use for 3D letter signs. It’s easy to cut the elements into different sizes, fonts, styles, and material thicknesses. They can work well for both interior and outdoor signage. Businesses can mount them on the wall or frame. There are limitless ways you can play with these signs to get the results you want.

They are memorable

Dimensional letter signs play a trick on the human mind, which makes them more memorable. Unlike 2D or flat letters, the brain perceives 3D letters as more “real”. This causes people to respond to them with higher emotions – something that creates more mental engagement. So 3D ad signs sustain the viewer’s attention – giving them enough time to decode the message and store it in their memory.

Signs are an important part of naming and advertising your brand. How you design your signage speaks volumes about the quality of your brand. Take advantage of signs that attract interest and draw customers to read for long enough to decode your message. Leave a lasting impression with your signage so that viewers can remember your brand anytime they look for products or services associated with your business.

Dimensional letter signs are a perfect way to catch your viewer’s attention in a crowded space. Compared to traditional signage, these signs remain in the viewer’s mind longer. Dimensional letter signs add an element of dimension to your lettering making it unique and more attractive.