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During quarantine, learning new skills is not just for your hobby sake, but for a potential increase in job prospects. You can leave quarantine season with new skill sets to earn yourself a raise, promotion or opportunity to begin an entirely new career. Life in quarantine season is expanding our businesses in ways we didn’t even know were possible until now. 

Projects we thought we could only work on in corporate offices are being redesigned to achieve the same quality from your living room. Quarantine season has forced us to think outside the box, learn how to maximize technology, and adapt to providing our services online to thrive in this economy.

Utilize these resources to learn new skillsets

There are thousands of websites where you can learn a vast amount of trades. Skillshare offers classes from professionals in a variety of areas like finance, marketing, writing, painting, sewing, etc. You can turn your art, and illustrations into a profitable business, and sell your work on Society6. Colleges around the country are offering tons of free online classes. Why not join a course and learn a new trade that can be marketable at this time?

Learning virtually.

Class Central offers millions of free online classes and very cheap certificate programs to learn new skills. What’s better than learning a trade on your timing and not paying a dime? Masterclass has more than 80+ videos instructed by very successful professionals from various professions giving great tips on how to thrive in their businesses. Who couldn’t use such helpful advice from legends in their markets?

Entrepreneurs around the globe are redesigning their business—you can too.

Entrepreneurs all over the world are redefining their craft to pitch their work to a “stay-at-home” market. It’s essential to find new ways to stay relevant so your job is needed, and making a profit off it is the next goal. Italian chef Massimo Bottura has opened his kitchen to the Instagram live community to share simple recipes for his new Instagram show called Kitchen Quarantine

Cooking lessons online.

Artisan brands like Sierato has an upcoming collaboration with Call of Duty on incorporating his artwork to their War Zone game with custom design headsets, shoes, and controllers for players. You can learn to make a protective face mask with Crafty Daily on youtube without a sewing machine, in just 6 minutes! Mark Cousins is offering a free course on Vimeo on how to learn the basics of film in 40 days. Look at that; you can come out of quarantine season assisting film director’s off of learning basics in this course! 

Flip hobbies and everyday necessity activities into profit.

Whether you were into thrift shopping pre-COVID lifestyle or not, now is the best time to turn your closet inside out to see what you can sell on Poshmark and Depop. You’ll have full control over costing and you can shop from other sellers that are selling their lavish goods at significantly low prices.

Selling clothes via apps.

If you have a niche for selling and buying tech goods, books, or other select entertainment goods, check out Decluttr to keep that habit thriving. To all my gamers, have you not ever wanted to design your own game? Well, if so, head over to Harvard’s CS50’s introduction to game development, which is a free course that focuses on developing 2D and 3D interactive games.

Long story short, there’s no reason why society shouldn’t be utilizing quarantine season to learn new hobbies to benefit your personal growth. If you’re a good cook, personal trainer, makeup artist, hairstylist, designer, accountant, etc., you have a trade to offer to the world. And since we are all accustomed to zoom calls being a daily activity, why not learn how to vlog on Skillshare to showcase your skillset so we can help each other in this season?

Are you using quarantine season to learn a new hobby or skill? Let us know down in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.