We all do it. We scroll through our phones to pass time while we wait for our microwaved leftovers to be ready or when we hit the Hulu ad breaks when we are streaming our fourth episode of Bob’s Burgers. But what if instead of only looking at pictures of cute puppies and internet memes, we look for inspiration? Inspiration for ways to grow our businesses and grow our minds. We want to take advantage of those little (or long) moments where we jump on Instagram to benefit us and our ever-expanding knowledge. Whether it is an insightful podcast or interesting quote, Instagram has the inspiration you’re looking for. Here are some Instagram accounts for you to follow for motivation, insight, smiles, and encouragement.

Harvard Business Review

Post from Harvard Business Review’s Instagram Account

Go give Harvard Business Review a follow for interesting, insightful, applicable, and motivational content. Posts range from topics such as being creative when you are stressed, addressing diversity and inclusion in the work place, management tips, and public speaking. This account expands your mind and presents you with actions to apply today. I appreciate this post on communicating more effectively with a mask because whether it is you and someone whose cart is in your way at the grocery store or at a social distanced gathering, we can apply these tips to better connect and understand people in this challenging time.

Girls Building Empires

Post from Girls Building Empires’s Instagram Account

This Instagram account, Girls Building Empires, combines inspirational girl boss advice and mantras with beautiful illustrations to brighten your day. Remind yourself that you got this, you are enough, you matter, the work you are doing matters, and so many pearls of wisdom that many of us need on a regular basis. This account brings a smile to my face and steel to my spine.

Goal Digger Podcast

Post from Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger Podcast Instagram Account

This account was introduced to me by an artistic and entrepreneurial friend, so I knew it would be motivational. If you like podcasts + Instagram + inspiration + business, then follow Goal Digger Podcast. With episode titles such as “5 Email List Growth Hacks You Need Right Now,” “Free Marketing Strategies That Actually Worked for Me This Year,” and “How She Crafted a Career Where Passion and Profit Intersect,” hostess, creator, and entrepreneur Jenna Kutcher shares her insight and expertise. Kutcher’s website describes her business as “showing up as the virtual business coach I wish I had when I was starting out,” Her large audience appreciates her coaching and guidance, so you should pop over to her Instagram for updates on an upcoming podcast or a piece of wisdom.

Ninety Pesco

Post from Steph Barron Hill’s account on the 9 different Enneagram types

Take a look as this account to grow and be inspired, to challenge what you know and to know yourself better, and to understand other personality types better. For all of this, I recommend learning about Enneagram personality types through accounts like Ninety Pesco. Therefore, click on the link in their bio to take the test to find your personality type. By knowing yourself better, you can apply what you learn to any and all areas of your life. With visually captivating posts combined with meaningful information, this account inspires personal growth on many levels.

General Assembly

Post from General Assembly’s Instagram Account

Don’t you love it when you find free resources to sharpen your skills and learn new things? And that you stumbled upon this while you were scrolling through your phone? Right now, until December 30th, General Assembly is offering FREE workshops every Friday. These workshops are centered on molding your skills and mindset, maximizing your impact in your field. According to General Assembly’s website, at their core, “General Assembly’s robust suite of suite of courses includes the all the fundamental pillars of innovation to give individuals and teams several options for growth and development.” Follow their account to find more ways for professional growth and development.

DiscoverGREY Journal

Post for GREY Journal’s Instagram Account

And lastly, I recommend following our account, GREY Journal, for inspiration, motivation, and helpful tips. Our posts range from different topics such as interviews, investing, advice, different markets and avenues for business, quotes, and fashion. We are committed to expaning your mind with different posts linked to different articles. Be the persona and entrepreneur you want to be.

What are some other inspiring Instagram accounts that you follow for motivation? Let us know down in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.