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Marketing is a pillar for the sustainable growth of any B2B enterprise. For successful marketing of a B2B company, a highly effective marketing plan is essential. This is where the marketing tactics, driven by different marketing strategies, come to play.

If you want to grow your business-to-business (B2B) enterprise online, you will use B2B marketing tactics. Create an effective marketing plan that will promote your brand, increase sales and achieve business goals.

Before we jump any further, let’s get a clear understanding of what marketing tactics are and how we can differentiate between them.

What are marketing strategies?

Marketing strategies lay a clear idea about what you are exactly going to do to reach your target audience and engage them. These strategies mainly focus on achieving far-reaching results such as building long-term relations with customers. 

However, the success of a business doesn’t solely depend upon strategies. There is a third element in the marketing plan that is known as marketing tactics. 

A single marketing strategy can contain dozens of marketing tactics that work collectively to execute the marketing plan.

What are marketing tactics?

Marketing tactics are small-scale and specific activities to execute your strategy. They can increase return on investment from your strategy. 

Digital marketing strategy comprises several hundred marketing tactics that combinedly contribute to the success of a marketing plan. It is to be noted that all the marketing tactics that you implement to achieve a goal will fall under the umbrella of a single marketing strategy.

While a marketing strategy helps conceptualize how to achieve a particular goal, a marketing tactic is an action plan to execute it. The marketing strategy and tactics are implemented keeping in mind a bigger marketing goal. Both marketing strategies and tactics are interdependent and provide a base for running a successful marketing plan.

A few examples of B2B marketing tactics are mentioned below:

  • Posting on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to reach a massive audience
  • Publish blogs and targeted articles to increase the visibility of the website and increase its ranking.
  • Online advertising such as Google ads, Facebook ads, etc. targets people with specific interests
  • Sending emails for brand awareness among new potential buyers and retaining previous ones.

The tactics mentioned above are for the marketing of B2B enterprises on digital platforms, however, there are many traditional marketing tactics as well such as TV, Billboard, and print ads, trade show exhibitions, and flyers.

A marketing plan is a roadmap to achieve a business goal. Before diving into marketing strategies and tactics, setting marketing goals under an organized plan is very important. A marketing plan is the “how”, marketing tactics are the “what”; while a strategy provides fuel for all the tactics involved in the process.

The effectiveness of a marketing plan is directly dependent upon the outcome of the marketing tactics. Under the banner of a marketing strategy, your marketing tactics will deliver the right type of content to reach the right audience. So, we can say that a marketing plan will decide which marketing tactics are the most successful and make the most sense.

In other words, a marketing plan will track the performance of your digital marketing tactics and let you know which tactics are working. Having a marketing plan will keep things secure and you can efficiently run the campaign in an organized way.

Turning B2B Marketing Tactics into an Effective Marketing Plan

Turning B2B marketing tactics into an effective marketing plan refers to the correct implementation of the marketing tactics so that they can give the desired outcome.

This step incepts deciding on tactics to support your marketing strategies which will ultimately make the marketing plan effective. Furthermore, in this step, you will evaluate the marketing tactics to ensure that they are relevant and impactful.

Evaluation of the marketing tactics will tell you whether the marketing activities opted for the process are right or not. Moreover, you can identify any loopholes in the marketing tactics and rectify them to make the marketing plan effective.

The steps to turn marketing tactics into an effective marketing plan may involve:

Identifying the right marketing tactics

If you want to make a marketing plan more effective, then identifying the right strategies is the first step as marketing tactics are driven by marketing strategies. The marketing strategies will lay out a clear set of choices that you have to make and activities you need to perform in order to reach a greater marketing goal.

A marketing plan for B2B business may include several marketing strategies. There could be several dozens of marketing tactics in a marketing plan and each set of marketing tactics executes a particular strategy.

So, to make a marketing plan effective, identifying the right marketing tactics is imperative. You can do this by breaking down the marketing strategies and tactics.

An example of how to break down a marketing strategy into tactics is given here;

Marketing plan: 

Increase brand awareness of your B2B business to boost customer loyalty and trust.


Reach and engage the target audience through different channels


  • Use paid advertising campaigns through Facebook, Google, and Instagram ads.
  • Social media posting using hashtags, to drive engagement and customer feedback.
  • Improve the website’s ranking organically by implementing SEO techniques focusing on relevant keywords.
  • Email campaign to attract new businesses.
  • Respond to customer reviews on different platforms such as Google reviews.
  • Engage the audience through content marketing on different digital forums like Quora.

So, by keeping the marketing goal into consideration, you can plan different strategies and decide on the most suitable tactics to make the marketing plan effective.

Executing B2B Marketing Tactics/Activities

After identifying the right marketing tactics, the next step is their efficient implementation.

Being the owner of a B2B company, you would never want your resources to go down the drain. It might get you thinking about whether your marketing budget is being used most productively or not.

Growing a B2B company requires high-end marketing tactics which is an expensive and critical game. You can take the following steps for successful execution of marketing tactics:

  • Define members of your team who will work on a particular project
  • Be specific about a team member you need to write a blog and another to write an ad copy.
  • Allocating a specific budget for a project.
  • Ensure that the marketing activities are generating enough ROI.
  • Set deadlines with key milestones.
  • Estimate the average time for each task.
  • Make the process trackable by the managers so that mistakes can be avoided.
  • Identify which channels are ideal for specific content. For example, video content for YouTube.
  • Make the process repeatable and easy to understand so that no matter who is running the project, they’ll be confident that the process is right.

The successful execution of your B2B marketing tactics guarantees the overall success of a marketing plan.

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Analyzing and Evaluating Each Project and Activities Involved

Last but not the least, evaluating and analyzing the outcome of each B2B marketing tactic is inevitable to turn them into an effective marketing plan.

Evaluation of marketing tactics will make your marketing strategies more effective and allow you to remain focused.

In the B2B world, the competition is continuously increasing due to the large-scale digitization of wholesale businesses. That is why the evaluation process is imperative as it lets you know where your business stands, identify loopholes and rectify errors to

The following measures can be taken to evaluate and analyze B2B marketing tactics:

  • Put everything on a calendar.
  • Review everyone’s deadline every week.
  • Take a close review of the goals laid out by each marketing strategy.
  • Analyze if your target audience has an idea about what your B2B firm sells.
  • Review if you could reach your SEO objectives and whether your website’s ranking is improving or not.
  • Review where most of the leads are coming from.
  • See how many new businesses have been reached out to by your marketing team.

These are some of the ways through which you can evaluate and analyze your marketing tactics to improve the effectiveness of your marketing plan.


By successfully implementing marketing strategies and tactics, you can unblock your business potential. Several other things contribute to the success of your marketing tactics.

For example, do you need to change from blog writing to case studies to improve the SEO of your website? These questions will also contribute to making your marketing plan more effective.

All this planning and effective implementation can guarantee your business stays ahead of the competition.