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Do you love having control over your own life? Of course! Who doesn’t? Humans have never been quite congruent with subjugation. We begin to feel fettered and you can’t place bondage on a free spirit longer than that spirit allows the action to take place. So with this is mind, it can be freeing to work for ourselves, but also becoming someone who spreads positivity. Here are 4 steps to taking control over your life and becoming an influencer.

Achieving Your Dream Job

The law of averages permits that all can never be completely satisfied. At least not in this realm of spirituality. However, this standard is only applied to ones own cognizance of self-comfort. Someone in one region of the world may feel that $20.00 USD is more than an adequate amount of money to finance a seven day cycle of activities. In other regions of the globe, one might not even feel compelled to move from his or her couch for such a minuscule share of currency. The common bond that unites all of our journeys is the cause. The cause to be righteously free of any constraints.

Most people who have their dream jobs had to work hard to acquire them. I still don’t have my dream job, but the steps are in play. Designing the technology to visit other solar systems and galaxies within at least a quarter of the current human life expectancy is ok with me for this lifetime. However, I do have my worries and doubts some days about how much progress I will actually make. I don’t allow such negativity to occupy too much of the moment. I continue to move forward.

1) Making a Positive Influence

Influencer giving thumbs up in vlog
Social media influencer giving thumbs up in vlog

Being an influencer and taking control of your life is exemplified through assisting others in their plight. Another example of the circumference that governs us all is that anything you send out, you absolutely, one hundred percent will receive back. You may not be cognizant of the return, but I assure you of its inevitable arrival. This universe is made of atoms; atoms are circles. Whatever energy you send out has no other option but to return to its point of origin. The science is easily comprehended and has been preached and proclaimed throughout history. “Do unto others as you wish done unto you.”

Today’s top influencers utilize social media platforms to establish a solid clientele base. The beautiful aspect of this is that it is driven by positive influence. Contemporary social media’s direction has paved a path of humanity about itself. The dark web is called such for a reason. It speaks volumes for the general consensus of the world that certain negative content should be banned, even in a free society. Anyone who has any real power on social media has done this through encouraging positive interactions between humans. This is my first suggestion to you. Find a cause that is clad in righteousness, and pursue it!

2) Pursue Your Cause

Social media influencer wearing raccoon hoodie for animal rights charity event
Social media influencer wearing raccoon hoodie for animal rights charity event

“Pursuing it”, is actually the second step I’m advising. So many of us get caught in the rut of complacency with little or no action toward what we’d really like to do. You must start somewhere, so start now! Literally, I mean start now! Place this article in a secure space and take five minutes to make one YouTube video. Create a proverbial title for your video, and start collecting views. The hilarious nuance about procrastination is that you can end it in an instant.

3) Educate Yourself

The next step in this process is to educate yourself about the influencer lifestyle. If you’re reading this article, then you’re off to a great start. One of the easiest ways to acquire information that will have a tangible effect on your mission is to visit YouTube. Simply typing in a prompt like “How to become an influencer” gives you access to a seemingly unlimited number of educational videos.

Bonnie Tsang initiated her awesome interactions with society by taking snapshots of her child, and now has over seven million followers on social media. You should involve yourself with as many social media platforms as possible. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube are just a few in which you can create content daily for the public eye. This is an awesome way to initiate a social media presence, and it doesn’t take more than an hour a day to complete.

Rachel S. Lee and Kat Theo are YouTube sensations that even I take valuable advice from. There is also Sara from Wholesale Ted, who just sent me and her 451K other subscribers a notification. Sara shares positive information about products that shouldn’t be sold online because they may engender some legal complications.

4) Building a Virtual Community

The final step I would like to advise is to build a virtual community of co-workers. There are many people who have been where you are and occupy a space that you are journeying to. Dan Lok has assisted me step-by-step with many informative tips about multiple subjects. The subscription to all of the awesome people who administer lucrative information on a daily basis is absolutely free. So, what are you waiting for?

Have any more tips on becoming an influencer? Let us know down in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.