With summer winding down and school starting back, many are looking for ways to earn fast cash this summer. If you’re looking for ways to make quick bucks, these summer hustles may be for you:

Drive For a Rideshare Service For Fast Cash

Entrepreneur driving car for ride share as a side hustle
Entrepreneur driving car for ride share as a side hustle

If you don’t mind using your own wheels, this could be a good summer hustle to try for fast cash. There is an obvious driver shortage in the U.S., and that is mostly due to COVID-19. Because of this, Lyft and Uber are offering incentives for new drivers. All riders are required to wear masks while in the vehicle, which clears some of your covid concerns. 

With ridesharing, you have a flexible schedule. You can work as much or as little as you want whenever you want. Not only that, but Uber offers commercial insurance for you vehicle from the time your trip starts to the time it ends.

How much you’re paid depends on where you are and how much you drive. And if you want, you can cash out your earnings at the end of the day.

Take on Food Delivery as a Side Hustle

Entrepreneur delivering pizza as a side hustle
Entrepreneur delivering pizza as a side hustle

If ridesharing isn’t your forte, maybe food delivery is for you! Not only does it limit some of the risks of COVID-19, but it can give you more of an opportunity to get tips. 

Like ridesharing, you’re able to make your own schedule. With food delivery, you can expect to make between $10-25 an hourly. If you Drive during peak times, you are sure to rack in money from deliveries. Not only that, but you keep 100% of the tips that you make!

One of the cons to this is that you could spend a lot of time waiting for orders, which means you’re not getting paid.

Splurge this Summer on Online Surveys

Entrepreneur taking online survey on laptop
Entrepreneur taking online survey on laptop

With online surveys, you can make money instead of wasting time during some parts of the day. There are no necceasry qualifications, which means that nearly anyone can do them. You can make your opinion heard, and aid in research of other companies.

However, there are some downsides to online surveys. You definitely won’t get rich (unless you’re lucky) with doing these surveys as the payout can sometimes be around $5. If you’re doing multiple per month, that’s around $50.

If you’re looking to spend your free time doing something, this may be the route for you.

Sell Your (Gently) Used Clothes Online

Entrepreneur sorting through wardrobe to sell used clothes
Entrepreneur sorting through wardrobe to sell used clothes

If you’re looking to downsize your wardrobe and earn some extra cash, this may be great for you.

When you sell your items on a website like Poshmark, some commission will be taken and the rest will be yours. It’s like having your own little store online without all of the overhead costs. Some of the websites that you sell through have ways that you can promote your items. And overall, the community online can be very supportive.

The cons of this can be the amount of commission that the websites take out of your sales.

Have any more ideas for side hustles this summer? Let us know down in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.