Wes Speight
Wes Speight (stylized as Sp8), an independent artist, has played many of the venues of hometowns Nashville and Seattle, toured 13 states, Europe and Canada. Speight has released 8 studio albums and several singles since 2008, on indie labels and self-released. Speight's music genres range from singer-songwriter Americana to gritty blues rock. Speight's other passions include being a good father and husband, filmmaking, exercising, and awkward comedy.

Conversations With Indie Artists: Jess Pillay And Sam Cook-Stuntz

The I Don’t Care That You Don’t Care podcast is a series of conversations from indie artists about creativity, the labor of love, plight, and time management. Join me, Wes Speight, as I explore what it truly means to be an independent artist. Jess Pillay Indie


Conversations With Indie Artists: TBASA And Starheadboy

This month I launched my new podcast titled I Don’t Care That You Don’t Care, which is not necessarily what it sounds like. It’s about not caring about artist acceptance over the need to make art. Not all art can be great and to get


The Juggling Act of an Indie Artist

Independent artists juggle many hats by necessity. I’m not sure it works any other way. Ask a barista, teacher, waiter, techie and possibly even a biochemist. They probably have other passions and part-time jobs. As an indie artist today and probably throughout history, one finds