Eric Gasa
Eric Gasa is a freelance writer from St. Louis, Mo. His main focus is on music journalism, political news, and cultural criticism. He has an A.A. in creative writing and has interviewed everyone from MMA fighters to the guy who brought you the Pitch Perfect soundtrack.

Who Are The Top 10 YouTubers And How Much Are They Making Exactly?

It comes as no surprise, but YouTube fame and fortune are certainly for the young, relatable, and outrageous. A versatile video platform, YouTube has almost replaced television in terms of media influence and content; today it represents the cutting edge of influencer culture, youth trends,


How To Make LinkedIn Work For Your Small Business Or Startup

LinkedIn has been helping businesses network with prospective employees and clients since its launch in 2003. But even in 2019, it never hurts to get a refresher and a few tips on how to use this versatile site to leverage your new business or startup.