Akhilla Kakivai
Akhilla Kakivai is a self-made millionaire by 28, she manifested her dream life with her husband and 2 kids, living luxuriously in her $2.6 million dollar home. She went from $20 in her pocket to living her dream life. From having multiple homes in different countries to doing things she loves daily, from spending quality time with people who are important to her to building her million-dollar online business, the journey has been magically amazing. Being a 7 figure entrepreneur and getting featured on ABC, Fox News, CBN, Herald, NBC and Thrive Global as a millionaire entrepreneur, she knows a thing or two about taking an idea and turning it into a consistent, repeatable and scalable income generator. She firmly believes everyone has knowledge that can be packaged into an offer that makes premium sales every day. You do not have to be an expert, in fact, all you must do is be able to teach what you already know and make a difference in the lives of your clients.