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Awesome is when you can acquire $1,266,000, for a single post on Instagram. Wow Kylie! The nine greats who trail her have managed to accumulate over 10% of the Earths current population as loyal followers. How would your day change if asked to post a short video on Instagram for a payment of $722,000? This is just what the Beibs does. Justin is projected to be 2019s top tenth earner out of the thirty-five, that are currently being exposed by Business Insider.

Instagram’s Auspicious Profession?

There’s no mistake, Instagram is dominated by celebrities. It’s a perfect fit. Why shouldn’t the people we admire the most be afforded the opportunity to showcase how admired they are? Showing how much it pays is the additional perquisite. The top ten Instagram earners are as follows:

10) Justin Bieber

Followers – 120 million
$722,000 per Instagram post

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9) Neymar da Silva JR.

Followers – 127 million
$722,000 per Instagram post

8) Taylor Swift

Followers – 122 million
$748,000 per Instagram post

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7) Beyoncé Knowles

Followers – 133 million
$785,000 per Instagram post

6) Dwayne Johnson

Followers – 159 million
$882,000 per Instagram post

5) Selena Gomez

Followers – 157 million
$886,000 per Instagram post

4) Kim Kardashian-West

Followers – 149 million
$910,000 per Instagram post

3) Cristiano Ronaldo

Followers – 186 million
$975,000 per Instagram post

2) Ariana Grande

Followers – 165 million
$996,000 per Instagram post

1) Kylie Jenner

Followers – 148 million
$1,266,000 per Instagram post

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How Can You Make Money On Instagram?

Woman lying in bed taking selfie on phone
Woman lying in bed taking selfie on phone

If you were to ask me about my country’s economy in 2019, my reply would be “awesome!” That is without being cognizant of the GNP, GDP, or our national debt. However, there are some financial analysts who might disagree with me. They may hypothesize or envision a future of The U.S. that is financially gloomy. The base of this claim would have to be rooted in some justifiable theory of what could happen if…?

My very tangible opposition to their theory, would be based on how much money, one can physically acquire with just a cell phone. Instagram is a dominant force in this cyber race.

Why? Well, one of the main reasons is the high profile presence of celebrities, and their fan base. This creates a high traffic flow. A high traffic flow is what any business is in search of. A Pre-assembled platform of consumers. “ How to” videos, and articles can be obtained by simply typing “How to make money on Instagram?” in any search, or social media website.


It’s just ostensibly, transparent that if you occupy a space where it is so simple to acquire cash, you should be thankful! Oh, and why not do it? The steps are simple. And here in the beautiful U.S.A. if you can’t afford a phone, thanks to Presidents Reagan and Obama, our government will foot the bill. The top Instagram earners, are a reflection of how great the world is and can be when we’re all connected. As we watch the walls of disharmony fall, we will witness the foundation of our true spiritual.

Which Instagrammer do you think will hit $1,500,000 for a single post? Let us know down in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.

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