This Online Sport Is Taking People By Storm On Twitch

One of the many sports that some people do not think is a sport has recently gotten some spotlight in 2020 and that sport is chess. Yes, chess. Being a two-player, strategic game that involves a checkered board and many pieces, chess is now a


4 Tips To Make Money On Twitch

If you’re thinking about (or have ever considered) making money on Twitch, there are two things about live streaming everyone should understand. First, live streaming is not only about playing video games and inviting other people to watch you do it. That’s part of it,

Bruce Greene

Bruce Greene, Twitch’s Newest Entrepreneur

Innovation comes in many forms. Meet the creative minds inspiring others through art. When it comes to building video game streaming into a business brand, no one has quite a unique perspective as Bruce Greene. Bruce is the former manager and one of the seven