Candy prices have risen 13% to record highs ahead of the Halloween season.

Trick-or-treating this Halloween may not produce as many treats as in recent years due to record levels of inflation making confectionery more costly. According to the most recent federal government inflation estimates, the price of sweets and chewing gum increased by 13.1% last month, the


Will Halloween 2020 Be A Scary Time For Candy Companies?

It’s less than three months to the celebration of Halloween festivities and we’re all wondering how it will turn out amid the world’s biggest fear, COVID-19. Some of us have already started planning how to spend the night collecting candies to get our sugar rush.


Is Reese’s Better Than Snickers? Money Speaks The Truth

Picture this: you’re in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. (It’s October. Just go with it.) A swarm of zombies are right outside the storage closet of the convenience store you’re holed up in. You spot two candy bars on a shelf: a Snickers and