Australia is a huge country so it’s not a surprise that it’s speckled with all sorts of places that you’ve never heard of. People always talk about Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, so it’s time to bring to light some more hidden, mysterious, and unique spots worth a visit. Let’s see the ten little-known Oz places to put on your itinerary:

Dunsborough, West Australia

The thing that will impress you the most about Dunsborough is the beaches and the fact that you can basically have them to yourself. The water is beautiful here, and so are the people. And if you love nature, you can hit Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park and see the tallest trees on the continent.

Cape Leveque, West Australia

West Australia has some dramatic sights, Cape Leveque definitely falls into that category. Imagine sitting atop glorious orange cliffs that match the colours of the setting sun. Does that sound good? Well, it can be your reality if you visit the Kooljaman Safari Camp and opt for their glamping experience.

Port Arthur, Tasmania

Being a historical convict settlement, Port Arthur is a little scary during the day, but at night—this is when the spooks really come out. In the early 1800s, this place used to be a prison for the worst criminals in Britain, but today, Port Arthur is a historical site famous for its haunting nature. Book a Ghost Tour after sunset and see all the torture devices, prison cells, hospitals, and asylums full of horror stories behind them.

Coffin Bay, South Australia

The name doesn’t fit this spot at all. Coffin Bay is everything but scary and deadly (well, maybe for seafood). Coffin Bay has nothing to do with dead people and wooden boxes since it was not named after them, but Sir Isaac Coffin, a great Naval explorer, and hero. This spot is famous for its amazing oysters, but also other seafood like scallops, crayfish, and abalone. If you don’t want to eat wildlife but just look at it, you can usually spot emus and kangaroos, so have your camera ready.

Magnetic Island, East Coast

Now let’s look at something brighter—Magnetic Island. This spot has no horror stories, just happiness, and positive vibes. If you choose to visit Magnetic Island (and you must), prepare to enjoy national park walks, crystal-clear waters, and many amazing snorkeling sites. Make sure to visit one or two of the hidden beaches that are so elusive they disappear with the tide. Everything on Magnetic Island sounds and looks like an adventure!

Fraser Island, East Coast

Holding the record for the longest sand island in the world, Fraser Island is blessed with beaches, dunes and natural lakes. It only has a few accommodation options, but that’s what makes it so special, intimate and beautiful. When you get to the island, enjoy beach drives and dune adventures before you reach one of the lakes for refreshment. There are also dramatic Maheno Shipwreck sightings and rainforest walks—expect to have tons of fun.

Bremer Island, Northern Territory

Here’s another gorgeous island for you—Bremer Island. Getting to this island is not easy because you first need to fly from Darwin to Gove and follow it up with a boat ride into the Gulf of Carpentaria. However, when you arrive, you’ll see why all the struggle is worth it. Bremer Island, and especially Banubanu Beach Retreat you can book as your accommodation, is all about relaxation, meditation, love towards nature and fellow humans.

Denmark, West Australia

If you’re a wine lover, then Denmark is the place to go. Often neglected and overshadowed by the Margaret River’s famous vines, vines around Denmark are actually much older and historically significant. And if you bring authentic Denmark plonk home, make sure to serve it at your next party and blow everyone’s mind.