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Each season brings new fashion trends to light, and this spring is no different. Due to COVID-19, face masks have become an unexpected staple of our wardrobes when we go out in public. However, this doesn’t have to ruin your #OOTD. In fact, it’s a great opportunity to elevate your style and express yourself! Read on for some tips and tricks on how to rock your face mask.

DIY Face Masks

Entrepreneur making DIY face masks

With a little bit of extra time on your hands, you may be looking for a way to get crafty. Why not make something with a practical use too? DIY masks have been all the rage on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram lately, as people get creative making their own protective face masks. Making your own face mask allows you to totally customize it to what you like. Your closet can serve as your personal craft shop for this project. Take those shirts that you love the pattern of but may be out of style, or your favorite shorts that you grew out of, and repurpose them into a super cute face mask! Not only does making your own mask let you create it exactly how you want, it is also super sustainable. 

New Business

Homemade masks support local communities.

One young entrepreneur, Ashley Haggard (@ashleyshomemademasks on Instagram) has taken this opportunity to create a business model and also help those affected by COVID-19 in her area. Based out of Illinois, but shipping to many surrounding states, Haggard’s goal is to provide masks for the community while supporting those affected by the pandemic. Ashley’s Homemade Masks sell both kid and adult sizes, in a variety of colors, sports teams and patterns for between just $10 and $13. They have raised $6,955 so far for local charities that benefit people in the Illinois community affected by COVID-19.

Tips for Styling During COVID-19

Woman applying eyeshadow.

As masks become the centerpiece of all of our outfits, now is a great time to try new things in other areas too! Eye makeup trends are having a moment, as they peek out of the top of face masks and are on full display. Test out a bright eyeshadow, treat yourself to a new mascara or perfect your cat-eye! Masks are also a fun way to express yourself through all the different designs they come in. Embrace the tie-dye trend, show off your favorite Disney character, customize your own design, or support your city’s sports team.

Face masks are something we are all still getting used to. It’s become a staple in everyone’s closet. It’s important to remember to always be safe when in public! You can find (or make) a mask that fits your style, and have the attitude and confidence to rock it!

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.