The flight is booked, you chose a hotel right on the beach, and you’re ready to relax. You’ve been working hard for months, and it’s all led up to this moment and your perfect vacation. But have you considered what you’re going to wear? When it’s time for rest and relaxation, the last thing you might be thinking about is your wardrobe. But we think it’s important.

To have a perfect vacation, you’ll need to look at the part. While you might not be answering calls or emails in a beach chair, there could always be opportunities to network and brainstorm ideas for your next venture. So why not dress up a bit? Read through to get inspiration for awesome outfits that you can wear on your way to your beach resort while still looking polished and professional.

Travel Smart

The first opportunity to look great is while you’re in transit to your vacation destination. Most people want to wear comfortable clothes, like sweatpants, on the way to their beach vacation. We think you should elevate your travel look with polished black pants that are loose and comfy while still looking good. Cardigans are also cozy while still complimenting almost any outfit.

Don’t forget to carry your electronics and beauty items in backpacks that are practical while still being easy on the eyes. You never know who you might sit next to on the plane.

Wear Breezy Linen

When you think about the ultimate beach vacation outfit, you probably think about linen. It’s breathable, flattering, and looks elevated while still feeling nice against the skin. It pairs well with casual women’s clothing or with other linen pieces as a set. You’ll look good while still feeling cool and breezy in linen clothing.

Add a Hat

Hats are a wonderfully versatile accessory that looks perfect on a beach. They keep you from getting sunburned, can be used during a quick nap, and complete your luxurious vacation look. Hats, especially breezy straw ones, are polished pieces that will take your look to the next level. Plus, they keep you cool on those warm days spent in the water and the sun. You’ll be receiving compliments all vacation long if you bring along the right hat.

Style Your Swimsuit

Most of us want to throw on our favorite swimsuits and head to the beach while staying at a resort or beachside cottage. We think you can kick things up a notch by styling your swimsuit creatively. You can add a sarong, some body jewelry, a skirt, or a pair of cute denim shorts. Throw on your breezy linen shirt, and you’ll be the most fashionable person on the beach.

Pack Modern Essentials

Most of us want to cultivate a capsule wardrobe – the idea of paring down your bloated closet has gained traction in recent years. This has extended to the way we pack for vacation, as well. Never overpack by thinking hard about what items you’ll want to wear on vacation. Try to focus on basics and essentials with a modern twist. Think denim shorts, straight-leg jeans, comfortable joggers, and t-shirt dresses that are as stylish as they are comfortable.

With a focus on packing modern essentials, you’ll never run out of outfit options while still packing light.

Go Neutral

Neutrals are the perfect way to pack only the essentials and ensure that you travel lightly. We think that black, white, cream, camel, gray, and navy are the perfect colors and tones you should be focusing on. These colors look chic while looking great with almost everything in your closet. By taking neutrals with you on your vacation, you’ll look super fashionable while being able to plan as many outfits as you need.

Let Loose

What vacation would be complete without a little fun? Schedule a night on the town and bring your favorite little black dress. Better yet – wear a red dress and really let loose. Make sure you look fabulous while out and about by planning ahead of time. Pick the perfect outfit for exploring the local nightlife, and you won’t regret it.

Get Inspiration

We know that your busy life is likely filled with decisions, meetings, planning, and to-do lists. When you decide to take a break, you probably just want to sit in a cabana and read a book. Fashionable clothing might be the last thing you’re thinking about. But, we think you should always be ready to stand out from the crowd and set yourself apart. That’s why we hope this guide has given you inspiration for your next beach getaway. Wear an awesome beach outfit and feel as good as you look while on vacation.