Have you been wanting to get out for a while? Have you gotten the feeling that getting on a plane and going anywhere in the world would be fun? Well, you can do that…but you’ll end up exactly where you left off – or took off. You see, some Asian airlines have picked up on the fact that people want to get out of their house and seek an adventure. So, they did what any airline would do. They made tickets and gave people the flight they so desperately needed.

David Brown in Business Wars Daily, “Some Asian Airlines are Offering Flights to Nowhere,” talks about this new style of flying and how people are jumping at the bid to get on the plane. Setting up an auction and raffle of people who can board this plane, they picked around 300 people and took off into the sky. They would fly around for a bit and then land at the same airport they left from, going absolutely nowhere. This is for routine flights that pilots must take. Think of it like your car…you can’t just let it sit in the driveway its entire life, so why would you do that to the plane? Everything needs a bit of movement and a little bit of grease to loosen up the joints. 

People in Asia are loving this, saying that they would pay $300 or more just to get on the flight. With this new business booming, more airlines in Asia want to jump on that band wagon. The only question is, will airlines in the U.S.? And if they do, where can I sign up? 

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.