Shapewear has been around for decades. It has helped women look slimmer and it keeps all the bits together if you know what I mean. Most shapewear is just a slip of spandex that you wear under your clothes, but Skims does things a little differently.

Skims was founded in 2018 by California’s own Kim Kardashian-West. They sell underwear, bras, bodysuits, loungewear, and more. When their products launched, everyone was rushing to get something, and that excitement has not faded over the years. Skims is currently making around $154 million a year and it’s only expected… I mean, it is Kim Kardashian-West.

Before Skims, the most popular brand for shapewear was Spanx. They sold tons and millions of women and men everywhere owned at least one thing from Spanx. However, Spanx was solely focused on keeping everything in and covering everything up. All those insecurities that we are all bound to have… they were safely tucked away with Spanx.

The cool thing about Skims is that they don’t believe in covering up. Yes, they have shapewear that you can put on underneath clothing to stay looking good, but their mission was to celebrate the natural shape of the body. From the very start, they wanted to make sure people didn’t need to cover up their products, they wanted to inspire women to feel comfortable in their bodies as is.

Over the years, Skims has turned into something more than just another shapewear brand. They have become a full-blown clothing brand. Not only does the brand make women feel good about themselves, but they give them the confidence to flaunt their stuff. And who doesn’t want confidence?

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This article is originally published on GREY Journal.