Having trouble finding a job that truly excites you? Only coming across opportunities that are clearly not meant for you and don’t appreciate your unique skills and experience? I’ve been there. 

When I graduated from university with a degree in finance, I had a hard time finding job offers – real job offers that weren’t just clickbait or completely unrelated to what I was interested in. I figured that I wasn’t the only job-seeker dealing with this frustration. So, I decided to do something about it. I decided to create an online jobs platform that would match job-seekers with positions they were qualified for and interested in. I even did much of the coding and financing myself.

That platform was called Profession.hu. It was the first of its kind in my native Hungary. Four years later I sold the company in what would be the largest such transaction in the history of Hungary at that time.

I would later come to realize that the recruitment process wasn’t only broken in Central Europe, but the problem also existed in the US. So, again, I decided to do something about it. And with a team of talented, passionate people, we built Lensa, a US-focused, AI-driven jobs portal that seeks to match job-seekers with jobs they are not only likely to land but that they are likely to thrive in.

Why AI?

As difficult as it sometimes is to find the right job, the good news is that you don’t have to go it alone. In fact, there are complex systems and machine-learning algorithms designed to assist you in this important process.

Even though artificial intelligence has been around for decades and we come across it in so many aspects of our lives (not the least of which is the popular state-of-the-art AI system, GPT-4), I still find I have to convince people they should take advantage of this technological advancement to help in their job search.

Save Time and Energy

At Lensa, our AI-powered system analyzes millions of job offers and resumes almost instantaneously. From this data, we can match you with jobs you are likely to land so you aren’t wasting your time applying for jobs the employer isn’t going to hire you for. Not only is this a tremendous time-saver, but eliminating all these rejections will help stave off the frustration and burnout that is often associated with a job search.

It’s important to not let the job search get too stressful, frustrating, or depressing. Don’t underestimate the importance of caring for your mental health. And if AI can help reduce a lot of the frustrations that come about from a job search, well, that’s reason enough to use it. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Gain Insights Into the Current Job Market

What skills and backgrounds employers prioritize change over time, and they vary from sector to sector.

Are there soft skills that employers are looking for that you are neglecting to put on your resume?

Is there a credential missing (one that you could easily obtain from an online course) that is preventing you from landing your dream job?

These are important questions that AI can help you answer.

Stop Making Lateral Movements

Chances are high that your dream job isn’t just a click away. Chances are that your dream job is something you are going to have to work hard to get. But in addition to working hard, you also need to work smart.

If you have an idea of what your dream job is, machine-learning algorithms can direct you on the right path to getting it. By analyzing millions of job offers and resumes, Lensa’s AI-powered jobs portal is able to detect patterns and identify the steps that lead from where you currently are to where you want to be. Instead of making lateral movements, going from one less-than-satisfying job to another, move forward in the straightest line that leads to your desired destination.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Can artificial intelligence predict the future? Well, the answer is no and yes.

What we call predictive analytics is a sophisticated use of data and statistical modeling that allows machine-learning software to identify patterns to predict future trends, their likelihood, and their viability. It is not like possessing a crystal ball, but rather just another example of artificial intelligence helping you make informed decisions about your career choices.

Empowering Job-Seekers

When we created Lensa, we set out to build a platform that would empower job-seekers like you. By arming you with data-driven intelligence, we strongly believe you are in a better position to make the decisions that support your goals and your needs.

We currently have over 20 million registered users. And in a typical month for us, we are delivering over 85 million job alerts. We are perfectly capable of delivering  85 million and one, so why not come visit us and let us help you achieve your dream job?