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The internet has certainly changed the world in a myriad of ways. From working practices to the type of work that people do; to socializing, entertainment, and more – the digital era has brought with it an incredible degree of transformation.

It’s also helped companies reach consumer bases in terms of new ways. Whether it’s communication and marketing, iGaming where players enjoy roulette, poker, and more, or through shopping channels online.

When it comes to your website, there are a few key features that companies need to include in order to attract customers. In this article we break down the top six features you’ll want to consider having for your company website — the ones that will draw customers in and keep them coming back. 

Overall Appearance

Having a beautifully designed website isn’t just a bonus anymore. These days, people expect the overall appearance of a website to be top quality and comparable to some of the websites of other big brands.

An on-trend design of the website can not only attract your audience to your website, but it can also keep customers there – and elevate your brand positioning too. A study shows that most people (83%) believe that a beautiful website is useful and helps to build a reputation of a brand.

Your website is, in many instances, the first impression that people have of your business. So just like in real life, you want to make sure it’s a good one!

A Simple URL

The right URL can actually have a big impact on your business. It’s essentially the ‘address’ of your company; so it’s always best if it’s something that’s simple and easy for your customers to remember.

A good rule to stick by is to always choose .com or .org web address where possible, as they’re considered the most optimized by search engines. While also being easy for your customers to remember too!

Call to Action

Yes, your website is important. But it exists, for many businesses, to get customers interested in the brand, service or product – and generate leads or purchases.

It’s important that throughout your website, you have strategically placed ‘call to actions’ that ensure their visit to the website goes beyond being just, well, a visit. Call to action can include a wide range of options; from getting customers to give you a call or email, to making a purchase, signing up for a mailing list, or more.

These features may seem small but they’re actually essential to making your investment in your website worthwhile. 

Mobile Responsiveness

More people than ever are accessing websites via their mobile devices. In fact, a study has shown that 62.06% of website traffic comes from mobile devices as of August 2022. With the percentage of people accessing the internet via mobile devices has actually increased every quarter. 

That means that however beautifully (and strategically) your website has been designed, it won’t serve it’s purpose or potential without being mobile responsive. If the website doesn’t display well on smaller screens (for different types of brands including Android, iOS, and more), then your customers won’t be getting the experience you want them to have. That means the impact of your website – and your desired results – will be lessened. 

If you’re getting a company to build your website for you, make sure they’re skilled in mobile responsive design.  

Websites like Amazon and Deliveroo are particularly good examples of these, as many of their customers are accessing their websites through their mobile phones. These successful brands have taken it a step further by creating apps that users can use to engage with their products or service.

Like all of the biggest brands, thinking mobile-first is a key part of their digital strategy, as ultimately it is where their customers are accessing their digital offering the most. 

Easy Navigation

Being able to easily navigate your website is a must-have feature. This navigation should really be quite strategic, as the user journey should lead to your call to action. Almost everyone asked in a recent survey (94%) said that easy navigation is one of the most important things when it comes to features on a website.

That’s why the UX of a website is so key – and an important feature to invest in, no matter the size of the site you have or its purpose. 

Company Blog

Having a company blog might not seem like a big priority when creating a website, but many audiences still find them useful. Blogs are a fantastic way to share information about your company and can improve your SEO too.

They’re also a fantastic way to draw people into your website as they make for great content as part of a marketing strategy. Blogs are also a great way of building up the reputation of your brand and ensuring you’re in a position of authority within the industry. Blogs can also include company news, articles and thought leadership pieces and so much more. They don’t need to be posted every day to make a difference, but thinking about a content strategy is always a good choice!