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As a travel lover, you’ll want to allow your children the same chances you’ve had to see the world. Travel can open your kids’ minds in so many ways, allowing them to learn about new people and places, whilst also encouraging them to discover more about themselves and what they’re capable of. Why wouldn’t you want your child to have the chance to explore new lands, far and wide? However, it’s not always that simple. Whilst we are lucky that travel is more accessible now than ever, it still isn’t always an option for some people. So, to ensure that your little ones do get the chance to see different places around the globe, consider some of the following ideas…


By putting aside a set amount of money into A junior ISA for your children, it means that when they’re older, they’ll have access to a sum of cash that they can put towards travel if they want to. Often, one of the main factors that hold people back from traveling is the financial aspect. So, if you give your kids this helpful monetary boost when they come of age, it gives them more of a chance to get to see the world. As well, with a little bit of gentle enthusiasm from you, you can give them ideas of places to travel to with the money.

Take them on trips with you!

Of course, if you want your kids to get the travel bug, take them away with you for them to get bitten early on in life! If you show them how incredible the world is by letting them explore with you, then they’ll develop a lifelong passion from childhood. Take them to your favorite spots in the world, let them try new foods and activities, soak up different cultures – always make the most of the half terms and summer holidays. Even if you’re just doing weekend trips close to home, this still instills a sense of curiosity and adventure in your kids that they won’t be able to shake!

Encourage them to learn a different language

If they pick up a new language, they’re going to want to put it to use, right? So, find out what country, culture, or language interests them. Then, see if you can find extracurricular lessons where they can learn them. The earlier you get them started learning a language, the easier it will be for them to fully pick up. You could even consider sending them to summer schools or holiday camps abroad when they’re old enough so that they can really immerse themselves and pick up the local lingo. By being able to speak the language, they’ll be much more comfortable in the country. It will be something that encourages them to explore more of the land if they know they’re not going to run into major language barriers.

Travel is something that we can all benefit from in some way or other. Getting your kids into travelling from an early age is something they’ll always be thankful for.