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Athletes, especially those at the top of their profession, get somewhat of a lousy write-up because of their insane wealth and how they choose to spend their riches. However, while there are many who will opt to spend on material things, there is also a load of charitable athletes who love nothing more than giving back.

Mario Balotelli

We’re going to start with one of the most interesting athletes in recent times, and that’s with Mario Balotelli. There are often suggestions that some footballers these days lack personality, but that certainly can’t be said about the Italian. During his spell with Manchester City, the world learned more about this madcap character and his charitable side. It’s always been said that Balotelli enjoyed gambling, and while he couldn’t place sports bets at any of the licensed betting sites online due to the rules, he was a regular at casinos and is said to have secured a big win and given some of it to a homeless man outside the venue.

Cristiano Ronaldo

We’re sticking with footballers, and it’s another with a Manchester connection that gets the nod. Cristiano Ronaldo is often described as incredibly arrogant and vain; however, while that may be how he comes across from the outside looking in, he’s actually one of the most charitable athletes. Over the years, Ronaldo, one of the greatest players of all time, has donated millions towards natural disasters, and cancer centers, and he’s paid for the medical treatment of individuals. There are plenty of examples of Rinaldo’s generosity, and there are likely many acts of kindness that have never been made public.

John Cena

John Cena made his name in the WWE and is one of the organization’s most successful wrestlers. Like many others who made it to the top of the sport, Cena ventured into other areas, such as acting and recording music. But, you could say that while he is renowned for all these things, it could be his charitable work that tops the lot, with Cena a Make-A-Wish Foundation ambassador. And not only that, he’s granted the most wishes in the organization’s history. At the time of writing, Cena has been awarded well over five hundred wishes, which is quite remarkable when you consider how busy he is in his professional life. It shows how much he values helping others.

Serena Williams

We’re going to end this list with another athlete who made it to the top of their sport and achieved greatness. Serena Williams is undoubtedly a tennis legend and goes down in history as one of the most feared players on the court. She dominated the sport for years, winning everything there is to win multiple times. A lot of Williams’ work away from the court has been focusing on improving the lives of the underprivileged in her native USA and beyond. As well as the Serena Williams Foundation, which does great work in the US, she is also active in countries such as Bangladesh and Nepal, where, as a Goodwill Ambassador, she again looks to improve the lives of those in need.

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